3 Tips for an Asthma Home Remedy

An asthma home remedy can be an intimidating venture. For most people who have not had any kind of formal medical training, even beginning the task of finding an asthma home remedy can be exhausting. There are, however, some things that you can do that take no medical expertise whatsoever. If you want to turn … Read more

Identifying and Treating Infant Asthma

If your child seems to be continuously coughing, even long after a cold has healed, then it is time to bring your child to a doctor. He or she may be having first traces of infant asthma, which is common in children between 5 to 12 years old. There are particular cases in which this … Read more

Where to Turn for Asthma Information

While your physician is probably the single most valid source of asthma information, there exists other numerous sources to which you can turn. There are special agencies and organizations, information clearinghouses as well as reputable websites where an abundance of this type of information can be found. When you have the need to locate asthma … Read more

Living with Adult Asthma: Taking Control of Your Breathing

If you were diagnosed with asthma as a child, your parent or guardian always kept an eye on your condition for you. As an adult living with asthma, you need to take responsibility for your ailment. Adult asthma can get in the way of everyday living but it doesn’t have to. Here are some facts … Read more

What to Know About Asthma in a Child

Asthma in a child is normally diagnosed even before the child reaches school age. In younger children, asthma attacks are normally triggered by viruses, however as children grow and tend to spend more time outdoors the asthma triggers change. In later childhood, asthma in a child is normally triggered by allergies; no matter what the … Read more

Taking Care of Your Best Buddy: Managing Dog Asthma

Your pet is just as much your family as anyone else. Your canine pal is loyal, loves you unconditionally, and is always a joy to have so when they are ill, you want to care for them as much as you can. Dog asthma is a problem amongst canines, and you should know the basics … Read more

Breathing a Normal Life: Asthma Management

Asthma management can be difficult in a busy world that we live in today. You have work, kids, school and other activities that make it hard for you to monitor your health, but if you do suffer from asthma you need to make sure that you take care of it as best you can if … Read more

Many Phases of Allergic Asthma

There are many facets of asthma and each of them are equally complicated and tangled with their own set of sufferings and remedies to cure them. One of the basics, but most complicated is allergic asthma which is easy to detect and diagnose but can be pretty hard to treat. In most cases, allergic asthma … Read more

You Can Control Asthma with Asthma Medication

When you have asthma it can be treated with asthma medication which can come in the form of inhalers. You can take a dose of the medication any time you feel the asthma coming on and there are also other inhalers out there that can be taken twice a day, once in the morning and … Read more

Non Medicinal Methods of Finding Asthma Relief

Finding asthma relief can be difficult and costly because many health care plans will not cover newer treatments or medicines. The side effects from some medicines can lead to other short- and long-term health problems and drug allergies and bad interactions can be a constant worry. While not using any medicine at all for asthma … Read more