Taking Care of Your Best Buddy: Managing Dog Asthma

Your pet is just as much your family as anyone else. Your canine pal is loyal, loves you unconditionally, and is always a joy to have so when they are ill, you want to care for them as much as you can.

Dog asthma is a problem amongst canines, and you should know the basics in order to take care of your best friend. Here are some facts about dog asthma you should be aware of and educate yourself about:

Just Like Humans

Dog asthma is just like the human form of asthma, in which the bronchial tubes constrict, causing breathing to become difficult. Asthma usually occurs in young and middle aged dogs.

Symptoms in a dog include coughing, wheezing, and in some situations, purple gums and teeth from lack of circulation. You dog may become more sedentary, and lose appetite during asthmatic episodes.


If you see the above symptoms in your dog, take them to see the veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet will take chest x-rays, and blood tests to make sure that the breathing difficulty isn’t being caused by any other problem such as heartworms or other ailments.


Treatment for dog asthma is much related to treatment for asthma is humans. Steroids, bronchodilators and antihistamines are prescribed to your pet control to control their asthma. In severe cases, oxygen treatment may be necessary.

Living with Asthma

Dog asthma can be tolerated just like human asthma. But it is up to you, the pet’s owner to make sure that their asthma is well taken care of. Keep them on their medication, make sure they eat a healthy diet and keep them as active as you. Watch for signs of asthma attacks and take them in for regular check ups to prevent problems.

Asthma is hard enough if you are a human being living with it. Imagine caring for a dog that is living with asthma. It has to just as hard for them. As their pal and owner, you have to make sure that your dog lives a normal, healthy life just as you would want for yourself. Regular visits to the vet, an asthma medication along with a healthy and happy environment is a way to keep your pet by your side for a long time.