5 Bad Breath Solutions

If we told you to chew more gum, suck on more mints, and brush your teeth better; the information below wouldn’t be helpful at all. People already know how to mask their bad breath, even though a lot of individuals don’t realize they have it. There are plenty of signs to look for, but right now we want to focus on other solutions.

While we do recommend you get to the root of the problem, there are simple ways to manage your bad breath. It doesn’t matter if you’re around friends, family, co-workers, or strangers around town, because they will all notice if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Here are 5 bad breath solutions that are extremely effective:

* Water- Yep, drinking plenty of aqua is a great way to cut down on the bad breath. Our saliva acts as a repellant against bacteria, and when the mouth hydrated our saliva flushes it down our system. They are eventually killed off by the acids in our stomach. When you have a dry mouth they enjoy their home and create those bad breath smells.

* Parsley- Most of the time we consider parsley pieces at restaurants as a way to brighten up a dish. Even though it’s become that way over the years, this little piece of “greens” can help deodorize your mouth after a tasty meal. It’s one of the most overlooked bad breath solutions out there.

The reason its so beneficial is because it contains chlorophyll, which can cut down the odor. Just think of it as freebee except it’s for your mouth.

* The Gargle Invention- Who said you had to use Listerine, Crest Pro Health, or any other marketable mouthwash. You can actually make your own out of natural ingredients like; calendula, myrrh gum, and sage. When utilized together they become a one of the great bad breath solutions throughout the day.

* Baking Soda- There is a book somewhere out there with like a million different ways to use baking soda. One of them is brushing your teeth with it. Sure toothpaste is good, but baking soda will reduce the acidity in your mouth. This makes it harder for the bacteria to continue growing.

* See your Doctor or Dentist- This is the biggest of all the bad breath solutions out there. Taking the time to schedule an appointment with your doctor and dentist will alleviate other health concerns. It’s possible that you’re dealing with periodontal disease, tooth decay, or abscesses that all cause bad breath.

It’s also possible that there are other medical conditions contributing to the issue. A great example of this is gastrointestinal problems. One of the bad breath solutions for this is eating plenty of avocado. It removes the intestinal decomposition that can cause halitosis.

So take each one of these bad breath solutions to heart, because any of them can help you make this problem become more manageable. If you want to add in the breath mints, gum, and everything else we highly recommend them as well. Masking the problem throughout the day is better than turning everyone away.