7 Causes of Bad Breath

We all know what type of social issues can arise from having bad breath. It could cost you a date, a job, and even your stature around friends and family. There are several different causes of bad breath out there. Today we want to give you 10 of the most popular reasons why people struggle … Read more

The Causes of Toddler Bad Breath

There can be occurrences of toddler bad breath in your child. This might concern you when it happens, but you just need to find the cause. Some causes are minor and easily taken care of, while others might need more in-depth attention. Let’s look into what these reasons could be and what to do about … Read more

All About Gum Disease Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by a good many different conditions. Bacteria build up on the tongue is one cause and so are sinus infections, but one of the foremost causes is gum disease. Bad breath seems to hold some people hostage due to the embarrassment that goes with it, but when it is caused by … Read more

Understanding the Causes of Bad Breath

We all know that eating onions and garlic can definitely wreak havoc on our social lives, but there are other reasons why bad breath can occur. Understanding the causes can help an individual figure out the core problem and get it resolved properly. Sometimes bad breath could be an issue that is related to your … Read more

Bad Breath Gum, Are They Effective?

There are many things that cause distress in the lives of people today, and one of them is bad breath. Like everything else that disturbs us in life products have been developed that are designed to address bad breath, one of those is bad breath gum. These types of gum work in a couple of … Read more

What are Some Methods of Bad Breath Control?

When you open your mouth does a foul smell come from it? If yes is the answer, you need to do something about it. There are some methods for bad breath control that can be effective. We have listed some of the below for your convenience. Oral Care The first thing to do when trying … Read more

Bad Breath Halitosis Issues

So you’ve been waking up every morning for the last week or two and noticed this bad breath halitosis issue. You’re probably brushing in the morning, using mouthwash, and even flossing, but it persists throughout the day. When you head off to bed it’s still there and you do the same thing in hopes of … Read more

What is a Bad Breath Detector

Did you know that there is a bad breath detector? With so many individuals suffering from halitosis (bad breath) today, the medical profession and the manufacturers of medical equipment have stepped up with a diagnostic tool. This detector is not a toy by any means. It helps to come up with solutions to the problem … Read more

Bad Breath Home Remedies

There is nothing worse than either smelling someone’s bad breath or having it yourself. You can easily scare people away from you just because of stinky breath. If this is your situation, are you aware of the various bad breath home remedies? There are many that can help make the breath smell sweeter. The first … Read more

What is Chronic Bad Breath?

We all know that the word “chronic” means continuous when it comes to health issues. However, there are only a few of us who know how to correct it. These are long term problems, which means there is something going on in your body that is creating it. In order to find a solution you … Read more