Facts about Sinus Bad Breath

The nasal cavities are part of your body’s respiratory system. These cavities are also called sinuses. They are set up to catch and trap certain bacteria as you breathe. This is possible for one reason because of the mucus in them. However, when the mucus gets too much like in a cold, sinusitis or allergies … Read more

Halitosis, Another Name For Bad Breath

Halitosis is just another name for bad breath. For those who suffer from chronic bad breath, there is nothing more embarrassing than knowing that your breath smells bad when they are in among other people. There are many things that people do to try to treat and prevent halitosis, and some of them do work, … Read more

How many Cures for Bad Breath are there?

There are several cures for bad breath, but not all of them work for your condition. It’s important to figure out why you have bad breath before you start looking for answers. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of money on things that do not seem to work, even if they’re raved about by … Read more

How to give yourself a Bad Breath Test

There are many of us that walk around everyday with bad breath and don’t even realize it. Some people just can’t smell it because they smoke or have sinus issues, while others worry about it but don’t know how to administer a bad breath test. Today we want to help you keep your breath smelling … Read more

How to Prevent Bad Breath

Unfortunately, there isn’t one clear-cut way to prevent bad breath. This is one condition that revolves around things you do to your body. What we mean by this is how you take care of yourself, because bad breath is caused by bacteria that forms in the mouth, but also more serious conditions. Without knowing what … Read more

Is there a Miracle Bad Breath Treatment Cure?

It seems like there is always something out there that will resolve all your problems. Companies will state something like; “Just take this pill and your troubles will disappear.” We find this in everything from weight loss to people who want to grow taller (yes we’re serious). However, when it comes to a bad breath … Read more

Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath and How to Treat It

When you have post nasal drip bad breath there are two problems to deal with. You have to not only deal with the nasal drip, but the aftermath of it, the bad breath issue. This occurs because of bacteria that are fed by the mucus for the sinuses. These bacteria thrive on the back of … Read more

5 Bad Breath Solutions

If we told you to chew more gum, suck on more mints, and brush your teeth better; the information below wouldn’t be helpful at all. People already know how to mask their bad breath, even though a lot of individuals don’t realize they have it. There are plenty of signs to look for, but right … Read more

Right and Wrong Bad Breath Remedies

It’s very important to understand what type of bad breath remedies work and the ones that are a waste of time. Hopefully you’re looking for a long-term solution. If this is the case then there is more research that needs to be done to eliminate your bad breath. Today we want to explain to you … Read more

7 Causes of Bad Breath

We all know what type of social issues can arise from having bad breath. It could cost you a date, a job, and even your stature around friends and family. There are several different causes of bad breath out there. Today we want to give you 10 of the most popular reasons why people struggle … Read more