7 Causes of Bad Breath

We all know what type of social issues can arise from having bad breath. It could cost you a date, a job, and even your stature around friends and family. There are several different causes of bad breath out there. Today we want to give you 10 of the most popular reasons why people struggle with this issue.

#1 Bad Oral Hygiene

Even though bacteria will always grow in our mouths, it’s still important to control the problem. Those who have good oral hygiene can reduce their chances of dealing with bad breath on a daily basis.

#2 Gum Disease

This ranks second when it comes to the causes of bad breath. It’s an infection that is within the tissues of the teeth and the waste pockets love to house bacteria waste.

#3 Smoking

Even though it’s one of the causes of bad breath, the only way to correct it is by quitting. You have to understand that tar build-up and other substances have made their way deep within the throat and tonsils. Over time the bad breath will diminish, but until then you will need to cover it up.

#4 Sinus Infection

How many times have you been sick and noticed your breath reeked? The reason for this is because postnasal drip falls to the back of your tongue. It’s a discharge that doesn’t smell good at all and will make people cringe. Fortunately, you just need to get better and it will go away.

#5 Medical Conditions

If you let a serious health issue go unresolved then it can be one of the causes of bad breath. This could be a respiratory issue, a renal problem, gastrointestinal, or several others. Treating this form of bad breath means a trip to the doctor.

#6 Untreated Decay

It’s also possible that one of your teeth looks like a crater. If you need a root canal or crown, then go ahead and do it. Often times a tooth with untreated decay will have plenty of room for bacteria to live, even if you have decent oral hygiene.

#7 Sulfur Compounds

This is something that forms when bacteria is present in the mouth. Many dentists will tell you that it’s the bacteria releasing waste. It definitely doesn’t sound pleasant, but it is one of the causes of bad breath.

Several other things can be considered causes of bad breath. We talk about various foods and beverages like garlic, onions, and coffee. However, these are only contributors to the bacteria in your mouth. So even though there is a distinctive smell of something you ate or drank; it will go away over time.

Persistent bad breath means that there is something else either going on in your mouth or body. It’s important to figure out what this is if you plan to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Otherwise, the causes of bad breath won’t matter.