Bad Breath Home Remedies

There is nothing worse than either smelling someone’s bad breath or having it yourself. You can easily scare people away from you just because of stinky breath. If this is your situation, are you aware of the various bad breath home remedies? There are many that can help make the breath smell sweeter.

The first home remedy is to simply brush and floss the teeth in between meals. Since food left in between the teeth can leave a lingering odor, or decay and cause bacteria, this is always recommended to prevent bad breath. There are toothpastes that contain baking soda or mouthwashes too which both help too. Rinse with a special mouthwash after brushing to really freshen up your breath. Mixing myrrh gum, calendula and sage extracts will make an effective natural mouthwash.

Along with brushing your teeth though, you should get a tongue scrapper. The tongue can trap all sorts of little particles of food that soon turn to bacteria. Scrapping the tongue helps to prevent this.

Another one of the good bad breath home remedies is eating parsley. This is the green garnish that is often served on top of dishes. It makes your breath fresher, because it contains chlorophyll. Parsley also provides your body with important nutrients too.

Chewing on some mint leaves out of your garden is also a good way to make your breath smell nicer. Of course there are a variety of products with mint in it too designed for this same purpose.

Spices and herbs other than mint can make your breath fresh. Fennel, anise or clove seeds are just three examples of these. Carry some with you when you are away from home.

Avoid drinking certain beverages that can have lingering odors. Wine, liquors and eve coffee can make your breath smell funky. Stay away from them for this one of the bad breath home remedies.

Chewing certain types of gums will refresh your breath. There are ones made for cleaning the teeth and freshening up the breath without causing cavities.

Quit smoking if you do it. This, above all else, makes breath have a bad odor. It is a bad habit for more than just making the breath foul, it causes health problems.

Apples can be a good fruit to eat to cleanse your breath. They can eliminate the bacteria, which causes bad breath.

Now if these remedies do not help you with your breath issue, then you need to check out further causes. Throat infections, diabetes and bad teeth will make for bad odors from the mouth. These will have to be treated for your breath to get better. So a trip to the doctor might be called for.

Just know that whether it is the bad breath home remedies, or the doctor you have to turn to, there is help for bad breath. No one needs to go around with smelly breath. There are things to help out there, so search for a solution to this problem.