Facts about Sinus Bad Breath

The nasal cavities are part of your body’s respiratory system. These cavities are also called sinuses. They are set up to catch and trap certain bacteria as you breathe. This is possible for one reason because of the mucus in them. However, when the mucus gets too much like in a cold, sinusitis or allergies you can also suffer from sinus bad breath.

When you have this type of breath, everyone avoids talking to you. They do not want to smell the foul odor being let out when your mouth is open. Some people can get this bad odor strong enough to knock the other person over at times. So be careful caring for your sinus issues.

The better you can keep your nasal passages working the less sinus bad breath you will have. There are medicines that will help the sinuses have less mucus during these times. Decongestants or antihistamines are some of the medicine that can be used. The antihistamines dry up the mucus while the decongestants help it to drain. Sometimes antibiotics are needed when you have a sinus infection. This type of infection can cause your breath to smell real foul.

You can also use a neti pot to flush your sinuses out. It looks like a short teapot except it has a longer, straighter spout. This can be made from plastic, glass, metal, ceramic or even clay. Mix up a saline solution, or buy a premade one to pour through the neti pot into your sinuses, while holding your head to the side. Gravity helps the liquid wash out the nasal passages in this natural way.

Blowing your nose when needed is another way to keep the mucus from building up too much. Be careful not to blow too hard though, this can be hard on your ears. This is a good method though of ridding yourself of the bacteria trapped in the mucus that can cause sinus bad breath.

Mentholated products are often used to open up the nasal passages. These can make the mucus drain out of the sinuses. The products come in various forms including cough drops, nasal inhalers and ointments or creams. Be careful not to overuse these products or you could produce more mucus. They are good for temporary relief though.

Some sinus problems can be severe enough to call for surgery. This is usually because the sinus cavities are too small and get blocked easily with mucus. This too can cause bad breath to happen until the condition is fixed surgically. The doctor can do procedures on the operating table, which will open the sinuses up, and allow the mucus to drain more effectively.

Don’t go around with breath that smells like yesterday’s garbage do you? Some sinus bad breath can smell almost this bad too. So check out the causes for it and treat them. Then you can have a nice aroma to your breath once again. Isn’t that worth a bit of time and research?