How many Cures for Bad Breath are there?

There are several cures for bad breath, but not all of them work for your condition. It’s important to figure out why you have bad breath before you start looking for answers. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of money on things that do not seem to work, even if they’re raved about by others.

Today we want to focus on some of the things you can do to minimize the risk of bad breath. If you’re able to do this then all the cures for bad breath will be more effective. So where do we begin? How about understanding the most common cause of halitosis?

When the mouth is full of anaerobic oral bacteria, volatile sulfur compounds are produced. This is basically waste that brings forth a foul odor, which we know as bad breath. In order to minimize this issue there are two main things you have to do:

1. Don’t offer the bacteria their favorite foods
2. Keep the environment as clean as possible

What we mean by offering up there favorite foods doesn’t mean stop eating steak, apples, or anything else you love. The goal here is to understand that bacteria feeds off various things in your mouth. For instance, if you just ate dinner and you don’t have good oral hygiene before bed…they are going to party all night long!

Even if you do brush, floss, and use mouthwash there are probably areas you missed. The back of the tongue is a great place for bacteria to linger and a simple toothbrush will never do the job. We highly recommend purchasing a tongue brush to reach those unreachable areas.

When talking about the environment it’s important to make your mouth a place bacteria won’t want to migrate. This means you should be providing all the oral hygiene you’re supposed too, as well as a little extra. What do we mean? How about this:

The next time you think about smoking a cigarette or grabbing a coffee on your way to work; grab a piece of gum and drink some water instead. Our saliva is a great resource in flushing bacteria throughout the day, but if the body doesn’t produce enough then you could be helping the bacteria’s environment.

While these aren’t considered cures for bad breath they definitely help control the problem until you can find the cause.

What are the Causes?

You name it and it seems like everything causes bad breath. Whether it’s smoking, eating strong odor foods, drinking alcohol, dealing with dental issues, or even medical conditions and infections will play a part in your bad breath.

So figure out what you’re dealing with and start taking action. In the meantime, you can find several herbs and extracts that work as deodorizers. One of the best is parsley, which contains chlorophyll.