How to Prevent Bad Breath

Unfortunately, there isn’t one clear-cut way to prevent bad breath. This is one condition that revolves around things you do to your body. What we mean by this is how you take care of yourself, because bad breath is caused by bacteria that forms in the mouth, but also more serious conditions.

Without knowing what you’re dealing with we decided to offer you several different ways to prevent bad breath. Your job is to figure out why you have it in the first place. Once you’re able to understand the cause then you can just look at the remedies below and associate it to your problem.

Dry Mouth- Individuals who constantly have a dry mouth usually have bad breath as well. In the medical world it is known as “xerostomia,” but most of us can’t remember the name. The biggest issue here is that the bacteria becomes more concentrated in the saliva.

You will also experience an altercation in the acid balance, which makes your situation more noticeable from afar. The goal of saliva is to flush the bacteria from your mouth throughout the day. When we sleep at night (especially with the mouth open) it tends to dry out more, which causes “morning breath.”

If you’re experiencing dry mouth the first course of action is drinking more water. Take the time to replenish your body on a daily basis. Another thing to consider is the medications you might be taking. Some of them cause dry mouth as a side effect. Then of course, things like coffee, sugar, and soda can contribute as well.

Stronger Foods- We all know what onions and garlic can do to the mouth after a great tasting meal. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent bad breath that comes from eating these foods is by not eating them. In an effort to “mask” the foul odors you can always resort to mints, mouthwash, and breath fresheners. Over time, this will simply just disappear once it’s out of the system.

You should also make sure that you’re utilizing the best oral hygiene possible. This includes FLOSSING! Even though we know that flossing is important, most of us skip this part in the morning when we wake up and before bed.

Preventing Other Issues- There is a long list of reasons why you’re dealing with bad breath. You could be experiencing dental issues like; an abscessed tooth, gum disease, tooth decay, etc. Then again, it could be a serious condition like lung, liver, or kidney disease.

In order to prevent bad breath that is caused by these issues you will need to see a dentist or doctor. If you’re not sure if these are actual causes then schedule appointments anyways just to make sure. It’s possible that you could be going in to cure your bad breath and come out trying to solve a more serious issue.

The point is; take care of yourself as best as possible. Dentists have been telling people for years that the health of our mouth is linked to the health of our body.