Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath and How to Treat It

When you have post nasal drip bad breath there are two problems to deal with. You have to not only deal with the nasal drip, but the aftermath of it, the bad breath issue. This occurs because of bacteria that are fed by the mucus for the sinuses. These bacteria thrive on the back of your tongue or throat and they produce foul odors.

This nasal drip can also bring on a sore throat or throat infections. Then there is more post nasal drip bad breath. It can be an ongoing problem especially when you have chronic sinus issues. So you must tackle the sinus problems first before the bad breath is solved.

Consult with your doctor to see what he recommends to dry up the drip. Sometimes antihistamines are called for. These could be just the over-the-counter types or for the worse cases prescription-strength ones.

Once the sinus mucus is gone you can go about getting rid of the bacteria it caused. Scrap your tongue for one thing. You can use some apple cider vinegar for a gargling agent, for a natural way to eliminate some of the bacteria. These two things can be done together for maximum effect.

While you are trying to make the bacteria go away, which might take more than a day; you can use mints and other aids to sweeten your breath. Carry these with you while you are out in public so you are more confident talking to people. Being self-conscious about your breath can harm your social and work life.

If you are used to dealing with sinus problems, you might think that is your life, but it does not have to be that way. Do you really want to keep having post nasal drip bad breath? Of course you don’t! An ears-nose-and-throat doctor is a specialist in helping with chronic problems like post-nasal-drip.

You can very quickly have better-smelling breath once the issue of the sinus drainage is addressed. If the breath does not get better, look for other reasons for it. There are other medical conditions that cause a foul-smelling breath. Diabetes is one of them, tonsillitis is another. Get a thorough checkup at your doctor’s to discover if you have any other problems.

Bad teeth are a huge reason for the breath to smell bad. Get your teeth checked regularly at the dentist. The hygienist will clean your teeth good and X-rays will be taken to see if there are any problems that need to be treated.

Now you know some things to do about post nasal drip bad breath. You can look drop-dead gorgeous, but if your looks are ruined by the foul smell coming from your mouth, it will spoil the impression your leave on people. So check out these possible actions you can take. Make that breath smell fresh as spring again, instead of like a trash can. Believe some bad breath does smell totally trashy!