The Causes of Toddler Bad Breath

There can be occurrences of toddler bad breath in your child. This might concern you when it happens, but you just need to find the cause. Some causes are minor and easily taken care of, while others might need more in-depth attention. Let’s look into what these reasons could be and what to do about them.

Did you know that you should start brushing your children’s teeth as soon as they start appearing? You need to know that without proper oral hygiene your young child will have toddler bad breath. So brush them at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Be sure to clean the roof of the mouth along with the tongue too. Bacteria can hang out all over the mouth. It does like the crevices of the tongue the best though.

Your toddler could have a cavity in one of its baby teeth. This could give off an odor, which can result in not-so-nice breath. So if brushing the teeth does not help freshen up the smell then a trip to the dentist might be warranted.

With teething happening the toddler’s nose can get stuffed up, this makes the only option for breathing through his or her mouth. This dries the mouth which allows bacteria to grow even more than usual. This causes the breath to smell bad. This is where making sure the child knows how to blow the nose correctly comes in.

If your toddler has a sinus infections or throat infection, his/her breath could be bad. This calls for the right medicine to solve the infection. Then the toddler bad breath will get better too.

Foods that your children eat can cause the breath to be bad too. So after pizza or other spicy foods brush your children’s teeth after they eat these particular types of food.

Make sure with toddlers that they have not put something up their noses. This could cause the mucus to accumulate, which in turn causes bacteria to grow. The sulfur compounds in the bacteria cause the breath to smell quite unpleasant. The toddler might have to go to the doctor to get the objects removed for his/her nose.

Dehydration can bring about a breath that is less than favorable. So make sure your toddler has enough liquids to drink throughout the day. A toddler should have some water along with the milk and juice.

Post-nasal drip can bring on the bacteria that cause bad breath in your toddler. The proper medication will need to be taken for this to dry up. This is the only way to make the breath better in this case.

Whatever the cause of the toddler bad breath your child has, you can see what you can do for it. Do not be upset over it, most reasons are very normal. Just find out what it is caused from and solve the odorous problem. Your little darling will smell fresh once again thank goodness.