What is a Bad Breath Detector

Did you know that there is a bad breath detector? With so many individuals suffering from halitosis (bad breath) today, the medical profession and the manufacturers of medical equipment have stepped up with a diagnostic tool. This detector is not a toy by any means. It helps to come up with solutions to the problem of bad breath by locating the source for it.

The Halimeter or bad breath detector is being used more and more by dentists to identify the source of their patients’ foul breath. People typically have a hard time talking about this problem, so when they show up at the dental offices asking what to do, they are serious about doing something about it.

The patient’s breath in the past was rarely talked about. Even today it is not always discussed unless the patient brings it up. However, more dentists are starting to treat their patients for this foul-smelling disorder, because of the increasing social and work interaction going on. How does the Halimeter locate what the source of the halitosis is?

Most of the bad-breath issues do come from the mouth itself. There are some of the cases that happen because of various diseases. These diseases are listed below:

Kidney disease
Liver disease
Gum disease
Throat infections

For the most part barring these above conditions, the Halimeter finds that back part of the tongue is the source of the bad breath.

The bacteria like to hang out on the tongue in all of its little crevices. These bacteria is created from the dead-skin cells and left over food particles. They then release sulfur compounds, which creates the foul odor of bad breath. These compounds include methy marcaptan, dimethyl sulfide and hydrogen sulfide.

The sulfur compounds are called volatile since they can quickly become gases, which are expelled in the breath. These are what smell so bad. Without using a Halimeter it would be quite a task to discover where the halitosis is originating from. The dental professional will measure the emissions from your tongue area as well as other areas of your mouth. This bad breath detector will pinpoint exactly where the odor is coming from.

After the source of the halitosis has been found then the proper treatment can be recommended. This could be something as simple as cleaning you teeth and gums better to remove the plaque and bacteria, or scrapping the tongue to get the bacteria off. The dentist might even recommend special toothpaste and mouth rinse to help too.

If other problems besides your mouth are causing the bad breath the dentist will be able to find this out using the bad breath detector too. Then he will recommend you find out the exact problem by going to your medical doctor for a physical. These other problems will need to be treated before the breath can be made fresher. So if you have stinky breath look into what you causes it and what can be done about it. You breath should smell like spring rain not sewer water after all.