What Symptoms Bad Breath Has

The main symptoms bad breath has is odors to the air that escapes when people talk, or open their mouths for other reasons. Some of these odors can be horrific. People that deal with the public or other individuals each day, often are concerned about their breath and how it smells.


Causes for the symptoms bad breath can vary from case to case. Sometimes food, beverages, lack of oral hygiene or infections is the cause. It just depends on the person and his/her lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look for the causes and learn more about them.

Foods such as onions and garlic are big odor makers with the breath. Garlic especially because of its own sulfur compounds is a problem. These compounds get in your lungs prolonging the effects of the smell. Other foods too though can cause bad breath to happen.

Beverages can also be a cause for this problem. Alcoholic ones are the biggest culprit here. They can leave a stench for days when too many are drunk.

Oral hygiene or should I say lack of it will definitely be a cause for foul breath. The teeth and gums should be brushed twice daily to ensure they are healthy. Trips to the dentist on a regular basis should also be made. When gums or teeth are in poor health, more bacteria can grow and create even more sulfur compounds than usual to be produced. This makes the breath smell sickly foul.

Throat infections or other diseases can be another cause. The infections would have to be cleared up for the breath to improve. Some diseases like diabetes can cause ongoing bad breath. Since this disease does not have a cure you can just treat the odor of the breath.


Once you find out the cause of the symptoms bad breath you are having, you can search out the right treatment to at least lessen the effects, if not get rid of it totally. The treatments for foul breath are below:

Toothpaste and mouthwashes for daily use are two solutions; these help you have good oral care. With these you can cleanse the plaque and bacteria from your mouth. They will help you keep your mouth in good shape and freshen your breath for a certain length of time after brushing and rinsing. Your dentist may prescribe certain types for your particular problem.

Treatment for any dental-related diseases or other diseases that can influence bad breath is the other way of solving the problem. Getting these diseases under control will help to alleviate the stinky breath on some level. Sometimes you can totally rid yourself of it.

So you have the symptoms bad breath brings, well do something about it! Find the cause and get the stinky breath under control as much as humanly possible. This will make people want to talk to you, if you don’t they will run when they see you coming. There is no need to go around giving off foul odors every time you open your mouth.