Things That You Should Know About Stress and Living with Diabetes

When people are first diagnosed that they have diabetes, they often get overwhelmed and some even gets depressed. This is a very emotionally stressful moment for them. Besides, you too would be stressed upon knowing that you have this very serious disease where cure is yet to be found and a disease that will require you to change your lifestyle.

Living with diabetes is not easy. However, you have to remember that you will still be able to live a normal life if you only manage the disease effectively. One way to manage the disease is by living a healthy lifestyle. What this means is that you need to eat the right kinds of food, exercise, and take your medications as the doctor prescribed.

However, have you ever considered the fact that stress is also a major factor contributing to diabetes management? Stress can significantly increase the blood sugar levels in the body. As a diabetic, this is not a good thing. You need to keep your blood sugar levels regulated as your body does not produce enough insulin to use the glucose or that the body is not using the insulin provided by the pancreas correctly.

Stress is basically a reaction that the body goes through in certain situations. If you are physically or emotionally stressed, hormones in the body are produced. Also, glucose levels in the blood are increased. This is called the fight or flight reaction.

Not only does stress increase the blood sugar levels in the body, but it will also lead someone to abandon their exercise program. Some people who are stressed react by eating too much as well as drinking too much alcoholic beverages. These things are known to provide comfort to the stressed person and are important that you should know about it especially if you are diabetic.

Reducing stress or stress management is the key. One great stress relief is exercising. You will see that exercising will be able to significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel. And, it is also healthy for your body especially if you are diabetic as exercise can help regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

Going to stress therapy sessions or classes is also very important. This way, you will be able to learn the different techniques that will allow you to control your stress levels. By controlling or effectively managing your stress, you will be able to reduce the chances of raising your blood sugar levels.

Sleeping is also known as a stress reducer. Also, sleeping is known to improve the ability of the body to use glucose, which will eventually lower the blood sugar levels in the body, which means that you will be less likely at risk of experiencing hyperglycemia. Poor sleep can impair the ability of the body to use glucose, which is a bad thing if you are a diabetic.

As you can see, diabetes is not only about exercise, diet and medicine. But, diabetes is also about knowing how to manage stress. By effectively managing stress, you will be able to effectively manage diabetes. As mentioned before, diabetes is a lifestyle disease. If you live a healthy lifestyle, then you will be able to effectively manage diabetes.

In fact, people who follow a strict healthy lifestyle don’t even need medications at all. Some diabetics can regulate their blood glucose levels with diet and exercise alone.