Ways to Deal With Daily Pain From Fibromyalgia

Chronic pain can be one of the worst, most restrictive conditions that a person can
have. When you want to go out or do things with friends, it can be very stressful to know
that you could end up having to cancel plans at the last minute, or that you could be out
and suddenly experience the negative effects of an illness. This is especially true of
Fibromyalgia. Here are some tips for dealing with your fibromyalgia on a daily basis.

Avoid Emotional Stress

Emotional stress can trigger a host of negative effects from Fibromyalgia. When you are
stressed, muscles will be tightened and inflammation could surely follow. Keep yourself
calm, and your body will be more suited to heal itself and reduce pain. Do what you
need to in order to begin reducing your stress levels.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a substance that can ramp up the body’s natural stress response. It would
be a good idea to avoid putting anything like that in your system, because stress will
often immediately translate into pain.

Learn Effective Communication

It is very important to become very skilled at letting people know what your limitations
are. This maintenance will go very far to help you to preserve relationships with close
friends, relatives, spouses, and so forth. Don’t leave people in the dark because they
won’t understand your limitations unless you tell them. Be open and honest about how
you feel.

Don’t Allow Obligation to Take Precedent

Be okay with telling people no. Remember that you are your own person. If you allow
others to control you, your stress will be off the charts. If you allow others to manage
your time, it will become very easy for others around you to take more than you give
yourself. Make sure you leave some time for you. If you don’t stand for yourself, others
might not either.

Observe Relaxation Periods

One of the things that few people tend to do, is to allow themselves time to relax. Life
can be very busy, but if you’re not running on 100%, then things in your life will begin to
suffer. Remember that you can only do so much in a day. Be okay with putting off some
things for tomorrow, but never put off your health for tomorrow. If you can take some
time to allow yourself to heal, you can reduce stress, and in doing so, reduce some