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1. What Exactly Are Gallstones?

Post: Did you know there are different types of gallstones you can develop? The majority tend to be formed by excess cholesterol. Learn more about gallstones in this new blog. LINK

2. Who Gets Gallstones?

Post: While anyone can get gallstones, some are at an increased risk – such as pregnant women. Learn about other risk factors here. LINK

3. Do Gallstones Always Need to Be Removed and Other Common Questions

Post: Gallstones don’t always need treatment but when they do, surgery tends to be the popular option. Learn more here. LINK

4. Symptoms of Gallstones

Post: There are a number of symptoms of gallstones, but pain in the upper abdomen is the most common. Here are some more symptoms to watch out for. LINK

5. How Gallstones Are Diagnosed

Post: If you want to know whether you have gallstones, a proper diagnosis is needed. This can include scans and lab tests. Read this new blog to find out more. LINK

6. Treatment Plans for Gallstones

Post: Did you know most gallstones don’t need to be treated? However, surgery tends to be the most common treatment option if they do. Read this to find out more. LINK

7. Food Do’s and Don’ts When You Have Been Diagnosed with Gallstones

Post: When you are diagnosed with gallstones, it’s a good idea to change your diet slightly to help eliminate them. Here are some food do’s and don’ts. LINK

8. Five Gallstones Prevention Tips

Post: While it isn’t always possible to prevent gallstones, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help. Here are five great prevention tips. LINK

9. Gallstones and Pregnancy

Post: Gallstones are particularly prevalent in pregnancy. Learn everything you need to know in our new blog. LINK

10. Complications from Gallstones

Post: Occasionally, gallstones can lead to other complications such as inflammation of the gallbladder. Here are the main complications to be aware of. LINK