Eat Small Meals throughout the Day

Eating and pregnancy go hand in hand. Even though it doesn’t seem fair to be pregnant
and not get to eat what and when you want it is healthier for you and your baby. The old
adage of eating for two is true but many women overeat when they are pregnant and gain
more weight than they should.

The more food that you eat in one sitting the harder it is going to be for your body to
produce enough insulin to turn the sugar into energy. Not only is what you eat important
so is the portion sizes. Your doctor or dietician will provide you with a meal plan and it
is wise to follow it as closely as possible.

Since you will be eating smaller meals, you are going to need to eat more frequently to
keep your energy up. The best way to do this is plan on eating six smaller meals
throughout the day. You will keep a steady stream of nourishment going into your body
and if you eat at the same time each day it will make it easier for your body to regulate
insulin production and use.

A schedule that works for many women is to eat a small breakfast and then continue to
eat approximately every two to three hours. This will include a mid-morning snack,
lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, and a bedtime snack. If you are still finding you are
hungry in between meals or are finding ketones when you test your urine, consult with
your doctor or dietician. They are sure to have suggestions to help you make changes
that will work better for you. Such as eating more protein at meals or filling up on more
vegetables (something that can be eaten as a free food at any time).