When your Blood Sugar is Too Low

In a perfect diabetic world, you take your insulin, eat your meals and exercise and your blood glucose levels remain stable. But things happen, you take your insulin late, you eat a light meal and then spend all afternoon running errands. This is a recipe for hypoglycemia – a condition when your blood glucose levels … Read more

Giving yourself an Insulin Injection

You may be upset when you are diagnosed by gestational diabetes, but there are ways to treat and manage the disease. It is probably more realistic that you are more upset or nervous about giving yourself a daily injection (yes a needle) of insulin. Getting a needle is no big deal for most people, but … Read more

How Exercising can help with Gestational Diabetes

Unless you already have a regular fitness routine, you probably don’t want to start one half way through your pregnancy. But the benefits that you will derive as a woman with gestational diabetes who exercises will make the physical activity worth it in the end. Before you begin any new physical activity or routine, discuss … Read more

How is Gestational Diabetes Diagnosed

Each month of your pregnancy you should have a prenatal exam by your health care provider. During your visit to the office or clinic you will provide a urine sample to the nurse. Amongst other things, the doctor or midwife wants to determine if there is in glucose in your urine. If your body is … Read more

Lunch Ideas for Women with Gestational Diabetes

A sandwich can be a diabetic’s best meal choice. It combines many of the food groups in one easy to prepare meal. Choosing whole wheat bread over white and including a protein increases the nutritious value of the sandwich. But you don’t have to be pinned down to eating a sandwich every day for lunch … Read more

Restaurant Dining and Gestational Diabetes

It is not expected of you to eat at home for your entire pregnancy but you are going to have to exercise caution when you are dining out in a restaurant or even at a friend’s house for that matter. Many foods are not prepared as healthily as they could be but you can make … Read more

Snack Ideas for Women with Gestational Diabetes

An outsider’s perception of a pregnant woman is that she can eat whatever she wants, whenever she wants. And for some pregnant women this is the case but not for the one that has diabetes in pregnancy. There are still many healthy foods to choose from but there is not going to be any tales … Read more

Blood Sugar Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes

In order to diagnose you with gestational diabetes, your healthcare provider will order a test from the lab. There are two levels of the test that can be taken – the one hour glucose tolerance test and the three hour glucose tolerance test. The one hour test involves taking a blood sample after you have … Read more

Support for Women with Gestational Diabetes

A pregnant woman who has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes is going to receive a lot of medical support in the form of frequent doctor appointments and nutritional counseling. But she may also be in the need of emotional support. It is hard to change the way you eat and live your life when you … Read more

Blood Sugar Levels during Labor

Because of all the risks and complications associated with poor control of blood glucose levels during pregnancy it is best to keep them in check all the time. But if there is a time during your pregnancy where it is considered more important to have your blood glucose levels under control it is when you … Read more