Blood Sugar Guidelines for Gestational Diabetes

In order to diagnose you with gestational diabetes, your healthcare provider will order a test from the lab. There are two levels of the test that can be taken – the one hour glucose tolerance test and the three hour glucose tolerance test. The one hour test involves taking a blood sample after you have … Read more

Support for Women with Gestational Diabetes

A pregnant woman who has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes is going to receive a lot of medical support in the form of frequent doctor appointments and nutritional counseling. But she may also be in the need of emotional support. It is hard to change the way you eat and live your life when you … Read more

Blood Sugar Levels during Labor

Because of all the risks and complications associated with poor control of blood glucose levels during pregnancy it is best to keep them in check all the time. But if there is a time during your pregnancy where it is considered more important to have your blood glucose levels under control it is when you … Read more

Testing for Ketones

When you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes it is going to be very important to monitor your blood sugar levels several times per day. You want to ensure you are remaining within your target range given to you by your doctor. In addition to testing your blood sugar you will also be testing yourself daily … Read more

Testing your Blood Sugar

When you have gestational diabetes your doctor is going to run tests at the beginning but then it is going to be up to you to monitor your own blood sugar on a daily basis. You will still get the support that you will need but a lot of the process of keeping your blood … Read more

The Risk of Gestational Diabetes in Future Pregnancies

If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes in pregnancy the chances are very high you will also get the disease in future pregnancies. There have been cases where this hasn’t happened and there may be steps you can take to lessen your chances of getting it again. Before you plan on becoming pregnant again, start … Read more

Eat Small Meals throughout the Day

Eating and pregnancy go hand in hand. Even though it doesn’t seem fair to be pregnant and not get to eat what and when you want it is healthier for you and your baby. The old adage of eating for two is true but many women overeat when they are pregnant and gain more weight … Read more

Treatment Options for Gestational Diabetes

Once you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes you will see an endocrinologist and develop a treatment plan. You may also see a nutritionist or dietician to help you develop a food plan that will meat the needs of you and the baby and not be detrimental to your blood sugar level. What you eat … Read more