Preventing Diabetes after having Gestational Diabetes

After having a taste of what it is like to have diabetes while pregnant you probably want
to do what you can to avoid getting type 2 diabetes. The management of diabetes isn’t
hard but the complications that can occur and having to take insulin daily can take their
toll. The good news is there are things that you can do to lessen the chances that you will
not be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The same methods that were used during your pregnancy to manage your diabetes can be
utilized to help prevent you getting diabetes later in life. Eating a balanced diet is good
advice for anyone but for someone that could get diabetes it is even more important.
Small meals that include multiple food groups and combining them whenever possible
with protein are better choices than large unbalanced meals.

Physical exercise will continue to play a role in your health. It will help your body
process the food that you eat and burn off any extra glucose in your system. Activity will
give you more energy and if you followed the doctor’s orders during pregnancy you
should already be in the habit of going for regular walks every day.

If you are overweight, by losing a few pounds you can help your body process the food
you consume. In type 2 diabetes you become insulin resistant, your pancreas cannot keep
up with your insulin needs and there is a need to supplement with injections or when you
are not pregnant you can take an oral pill. But if you lose weight, you will lessen your
insulin needs and in turn take the strain off of your pancreas.

These tips may not prevent you from ever getting type 2 diabetes but they will lessen the
chances or delay the onset of getting the disease.