Support for Women with Gestational Diabetes

A pregnant woman who has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes is going to receive
a lot of medical support in the form of frequent doctor appointments and nutritional
counseling. But she may also be in the need of emotional support. It is hard to change
the way you eat and live your life when you are pregnant and adjusting to a new disease
in addition to that can be overwhelming.

There are many forms of support you can seek out. The support from your spouse or
partner is going to be very important. They cannot be eating an ice cream sundae in front
of you while you are expected to abstain. Since eating like a diabetic is a healthy lifestyle
change, you both should follow the diet set forth for you keeping in mind the extra
caloric needs of different people.

Joining a group of pregnant women is helpful too. You can go through your pregnancies
together and when your babies are born you can continue with your support network as
your children grow up together. Touch base with your endocrinologist to see if they
know of a support group specifically for women with gestational diabetes. You can share
recipe tips and provide the emotional support needed as you ride the roller coaster of
pregnancy with diabetes.

There are many online support groups too with a specialization in many different
complications that can arise in pregnancy. Or join a support group for woman online
whose babies are due at the same time as yours. You may even meet someone online that
lives in your neighborhood.

Don’t feel that you have to deal with your diabetes on your own. Help and support are
available. If you can’t find it readily with a little research you are sure to find what you