Irritable Bowel: Disease?

Many people today have the misconception that a person suffering from irritable bowel syndrome is suffering from a disease. However, they are actually quite mistaken. Not only are they mistaken, they can also cause a lot of harm because of their mistake.

The term “irritable bowel disease” can have a lot of negative meanings attached to it. People who use this term loosely rarely have any idea of what implications they are making. These implications can cause a lot of harm to the person suffering from this illness and to the people who do not have any knowledge regarding irritable bowel syndrome.

First of all, when people say “irritable bowel disease” it seems as if they are talking about something contagious. This could be enough to isolate the one suffering from the syndrome. Of course, people do not want to get irritable bowel syndrome and they try to do al they can to avoid having this illness. This means that if people were to call this condition a “disease”, then those people will think that they can get it from people who are already suffering from this illness. Because of this, they will avoid any type of contact with people who have this syndrome. This means that the person who has irritable bowel syndrome would not only have to suffer the different symptoms of this illness, he or she would also have to go through the pain of social isolation.

As we all know, social isolation is one of the most painful things that can happen to a human being. That is the reason why solitary confinement is known today as one of the harshest punishments in jail.

The term “irritable bowel disease” also gives another implication: that there is a cure. In fact, this condition is not really curable. Although there are various medicines and methods that can be used to reduce its symptoms, there is no actual cure that can cause a person to stop having irritable bowel syndrome.

A false hope of a cure can cause a lot of damage to a person suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. They may be lured by various false cures that are being offered out there. They could be the unwitting victim of a drug that only makes their symptoms worse.

Another damage caused by this is the fact that they may forget how to keep the symptoms at bay. People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome rely on different methods to keep the different symptoms of this illness at bay. When people think that it can be cured, they tend to take these methods for granted. Some would think that they can take the brunt of the symptoms until they find the cure for their “irritable bowel disease”. Sadly, these people would suffer for nothing.

A lot of damage can be done by changing one word. We act differently if something is given a different label. Irritable bowel is not a disease, it is a syndrome. This means that it is a condition. It is a given set of symptoms. One should not avoid people suffering from “irritable bowel disease”, one should try to understand the condition of the people suffering from “irritable bowel syndrome”. Only by learning how to use the right words can we hope to understand our fellow men.