Finding out Your Child has Juvenile Diabetes

It can be an emotional time when you find out that your child has been diagnosed with
type 1 diabetes. You will wonder how this is going to affect your child emotionally and
what it is going to mean for their future health. Your child is also going to be riding an
emotional roller coaster. Depending on their age, they may or may not understand
everything that is going on but they will understand that there are big changes being

When a child is diagnosed with diabetes it affects the entire family. The day to day life
of everyone may be changed. It will be a stressful time for but the best thing to do is to
utilize the support available to you from your family, friends and health care providers.

Educate yourself and your family and take it slow and easy. You are going to have a lot
to learn and there is going to be a learning curve at the beginning. Not only do you need
to learn how to give injections and monitor blood glucose levels but you will also have to
plan very specific meals. But it can be done and after some time it will be second nature.

Your whole family can benefit from the lifestyle changes that are going to be made. It
may be especially hard for siblings but they will adjust just as everyone else will too.
Eating a healthy well-balanced diet with plenty of exercise and physical activity is good
for the entire family.

Be there to support and listen to your child when they need it. They will be going
through a range of emotions from anger to sadness and they are going to need their
parents help during these times. If you keep a positive attitude and outlook they will too.