Treatment for Juvenile Diabetes

A child who is diagnosed with juvenile diabetes is going to need to follow a treatment
plan for the rest of their life. But they will have a lot of support. And there have been
many advances and improvements in the diabetic treatment industry in way of needles
and monitoring devices.

Knowing your child’s blood sugar level is crucial to good control of the disease. By
using a monitor at home you will see if the diet and insulin that is being provided is
sufficient. There are many brands of monitors available and the amount of blood
required is a very small drop placed on a strip. The monitor will come with a lancet
device to draw the blood from a finger tip – it is relatively painless and takes very little

In order to replace or supplement the insulin in your child’s body, a daily injection
(sometimes more) is going to be required. In some cases a child will need more than one
needle if the insulin from one is not lasting the entire day. You will learn how to monitor
and adjust the level of insulin your child receives based on their blood glucose levels and
advice from your doctor.

The other part of treating diabetes in children is a balanced diet and plenty of physical
activity. Follow the food guide for children and limit the amount of treats that they are
given. Daily exercise will help children maintain a healthy weight which in turns helps to
control their blood sugar by limiting the amount of insulin they need. After a little bit of
time treating diabetes will be come a way of life for you and your child. Expect an
adjustment period in the beginning but it will get better as you learn more and get the
diabetes under control.