How Humans Get Lyme Disease

You may know what Lyme Disease is, but what you may not know are the ways in
which you can contract it. Some people list deer ticks as a method of contracting Lyme
Disease, but the knowledge of that method seems to stop at that point. There is a lot
more to know about how humans get Lyme Disease that just a simple tick bite. Here is
some further explanation into how you can contract Lyme Disease and what to know
about the first signs you may have contracted it.

Tick Bites

Lyme disease is carried by ticks, and more specifically and commonly deer ticks. Ticks
carry the illness and can pass it to you through bites and burrowing into your skin. You
can get these ticks from being in contact with them in the woods. In fact, most people
who do contract Lyme disease from ticks pick up those ticks while they are hunting,
camping, or hiking.

Contact with the Ticks

While you are in the outdoors, you may be worried about coming in contact with ticks
and contracting Lyme disease. It isn’t that easy and it isn’t usually in just an outdoor
environment. For example, you may be in a park with your children and worried about
ticks there. The truth is, ticks in this area very slim due to the park upkeep by cities and
small towns. The places that you may come in contact with ticks are in thick wooded
areas that you find in state parks, camping areas, and hiking trails. If you are in these
areas, you are more likely to come in contact with ticks carrying the disease.

Animal Contact

Another way to come in contact with ticks carrying Lyme disease is to be around
animals that are in contact with the ticks. These animals can bring the ticks in your
home, especially if the animal is a stray that has been out in the wilderness for an
extended period of time. If you are a hunter, you are at an increased amount of danger
because you are in contact with deer, boars, and other wild animals that live in areas
where ticks are likely. By field dressing the animals, putting the animals on your truck or
ATV, you are putting yourself in contact with the animal and the ticks they carry.

This is only meant as an overview of contracting the disease. If you feel that you may
have contracted the disease, see your doctor. Also, make sure that you have noted
down when you believe you may have contracted the disease, how, and where. This
can make a difference in your case.