Symptoms You Might Have Lyme Disease

So, you went out camping or hiking and found a tick. You didn’t think anything of it. You removed the tick and cleaned the area. You went on about your day or week and then you started to notice some things that were odd about your health. You may have noticed that you feel like … Read more

What to do About Adrenal Fatigue From Lyme Disease

One of the many symptoms you may have from Lyme disease is fatigue. Now, this may come off as simple fatigue. That means you may mistake it for just being stressed or overworked. There are several types of fatigue to consider though. One of the types of fatigue is adrenal fatigue. This means that you … Read more

Why You Need Lyme Disease Treatment Now

You are having fatigue, ongoing recurring headaches, fever, cold like symptoms, and joint paint. All of these things may signal just the usual seasonal colds and flus. However, when they start to come back up on a routine basis, you start to wonder if there is more to the symptoms. With that in mind, you … Read more

Dietary Changes That Help With Lyme Disease

Just like with many other illnesses, food and dietary change can help Lyme disease patients greatly. It may not be able to reverse or cure the disease, but it can help to make changes that are noticeable. If you are living with Lyme disease, you may be wondering what type of dietary changes you can … Read more

How Humans Get Lyme Disease

You may know what Lyme Disease is, but what you may not know are the ways in which you can contract it. Some people list deer ticks as a method of contracting Lyme Disease, but the knowledge of that method seems to stop at that point. There is a lot more to know about how … Read more

How to Deter Ticks From Your House

When you are trying to deter ticks from your life, you may think about your backyard. You may also think about reducing the chances that you encounter ticks by avoiding certain areas, using certain natural lotions or sprays, or other methods. One area you may overlook is deterring the ticks from your actual home. This … Read more

How to Use Essential Oils For Lyme Disease

Essential oils are something nearly everyone has heard of in one way or another. At the most basic level you have probably heard of using essential oils for relaxation. You can put them in a diffuser and fill the area for a form of therapy. What you may not know is that some essential oils … Read more

Lyme Disease: An Overview

Lyme disease is something that many people have heard about, but may know very little concerning. You may have heard rumors of how you can contract the disease, how long it lasts, or even what it does to the body. There is a lot more to Lyme disease than you may even think. Here is … Read more

Lyme Disease and Drinking Alcohol

When you find out you have Lyme disease you may told several things about your treatment. You will be told what dietary options should change, what you can do to reduce issues with the disease, and even some ways to cure it. What you may also be told is that there are risks of drinking … Read more

Lyme Disease Co-Infections You Should Know About

When you think about Lyme disease or the possibility of having it, you probably think of that disease as the only thing to worry about. The truth is, you may also have one of the co-infections that come Lyme disease. If you aren’t sure what this means, here are a few of the infections that … Read more