How to Deter Ticks From Your House

When you are trying to deter ticks from your life, you may think about your backyard.
You may also think about reducing the chances that you encounter ticks by avoiding
certain areas, using certain natural lotions or sprays, or other methods. One area you
may overlook is deterring the ticks from your actual home. This is likely because you are
focused on stopping them before they get there. The truth is, you need to concentrate
on your home as well. Here are some ways to deter ticks from your home.


Permethrin is a chemical that kills ticks on contact. This is something you want to be
careful about using, but it can help to deter ticks from entering the home. This is
generally an ingredient in various tick products and sprays. Simply spray down boots,
outdoor gear, clothing, and even the perimeter of the doorways and home. If you have
pets or children, you may not want to use this option. However, if you do not and you
live in an area where ticks could be an issue, then this may be the ideal option for you. It
is also something that can be used for apartment living if you have no pets or children.
Remember to wash clothes and wipe down boots and other items after you have let the
permethrin do its job.

Use a Pest Control Service

When you think of pest control services, you probably think of ant control or termite
control. The same companies that offer these services can also help you with tick
control. They can put down a pest barrier option that is safe for children and pets. It will
kill the ticks and prevent them from returning. If you use this option, you will need to
have it done on a routine basis. You will also need to keep your pets and children inside
for a few hours or afternoon after the control service has put down the chemical.

Clean the Yard

Most of the things that attract ticks to your home are already in your yard causing the
problem. Make sure you keep your grass cut and at a manicured level. Also, do not let
wood or brush pile up. Tow off the yard trash or burn it if you are in an area that allows
that method. Do not put bird feeders or other pet feeders on the ground. This will attract
ticks as well. If you have plants that vine on your home, make sure you are using a plant
safe tick spray on them on a routine basis. All of these tasks, and maintaining them, will
help deter ticks since they will have no place to burrow or nest.

These are just a few of the methods you can use to deter ticks from your home. There
are several other methods as well. These will help you reduce the chances they will get
in your home and will stop them outside where they are easier to control.