Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out

Ticks are not a problem throughout the country. For example, if you live in a very metro
environment or in inner city locations, you may not have as many run ins with ticks as
you would in the country. Regardless of where you live, you may still have issues with
ticks if you go camping, spend time in parks, or similar areas. Here are some natural
ways that you can keep ticks out of your car, home, and more importantly off your
clothing and body. None of these methods use chemicals and all are naturally based.

Removal of Yard Debris and Plants

The most natural thing you can do to keep ticks out of your home is to clean around the
home first. Make sure that you are removing debris from the yard and around the home.
Piles of wood, yard debris, and cardboard gives ticks a breeding ground and area to
burrow. The closer these items are to the home, the more likely it is that you will have
ticks get into the home. Plants are another issue. This doesn’t refer to regular plants.
This refers to brush and overgrown plants that have not been maintained. This gives the
ticks another area to breed and burrow. Just like with yard debris, the closer these
plants are to a home, the more likely it is that they will come into the home.

Essential Oils

You can put a barrier of essential oils around the home to help keep the ticks out and
away. There are several recipes for this but one of the most effective is to use a mixture
of rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, and citrus or mint based oils. Oils like eucalyptus,
orange, and lemongrass help greatly. You will need to saturate the area and you will
need to apply the oils after a heavy rain. Keep in mind these are not like commercial
options that can stick to the area for longer or give a blast of chemical that kills on

Natural Deterring Plants

Another way that you can naturally keep ticks out of the house is to use plants that keep
them away. Mint plants are one of the most common ways to keep the bugs out. You
can also plant pepper plants that yield peppers for you and your family, but also keep
the ticks away. Other plants, like lavender, can be used as well. If you have a specific
type of tick in your area you may want to do research on those specific ticks to have the
most effective plant options to keep them away.

These are just a few of the methods available to you. If you feel like you might have an
allergic reaction to these methods, make sure to test it on a small patch of your skin in a
safe environment. This is important to ensure your health and safety, especially if you
plan on using any of these methods often.