Why You Need Lyme Disease Treatment Now

You are having fatigue, ongoing recurring headaches, fever, cold like symptoms, and
joint paint. All of these things may signal just the usual seasonal colds and flus.
However, when they start to come back up on a routine basis, you start to wonder if
there is more to the symptoms. With that in mind, you may be thinking about consulting
a doctor about the possibility of Lyme disease. Unfortunately, you also may be putting
this off. If this sounds like your situation, then you need to strongly consider the reasons
why you need to get Lyme disease treatment now.

Reduced Pain

By having your treatment start as soon as you know there is an issue, you can reduce
the pain in your body. This may not seem like much when it first starts, but as you go
untreated the pain in your muscles and joints will just get worse. You will need to make
sure that you are getting the antibiotics into your system as quickly as possible to stop
the disease before it sets in and spreads. Keep in mind the pain you will feel is not just
simply aches. It will cause muscle fatigue and joint pain as well.

Quicker Cure

The main cure for Lyme disease is to introduce antibiotics into the body. The sooner
they are introduced, the faster they will work. You may notice a difference within a few
days rather than a few weeks. They will also work with an increased benefit rather than
just barely stopping the disease. The faster the antibiotics take hold the more you will
reduce the chances that you will have to step up the antibiotics.

Reduced Chance of Increased Antibiotics

Antibiotics have their own side effects. Some of these can cause issues with your
digestive system and even with your reproductive system. They can slow your
metabolism and they can have interactions with other medications you may be on. They
can cause an increase of yeast in the body as well. This can lead to a whole new set of
issues. With that in mind, you want to make sure you get the first dose in your system
as soon as possible. If the first round of treatment does not work, or if the disease has
taken hold for too long, you will need to have an increased amount of antibiotics. That
means you have an increase of the issues mentioned.

Muscle Recovery

When you contract Lyme disease, your muscles will start down a path of aching and
fatigue. This means that you will need to recover from those events to get your muscles
back to where they need to be. This becomes increasingly difficult, and increasingly
longer, the longer you wait for treatment. Instead of a few days to weeks of muscle
recovery you could be looking at several weeks to over a month.

By taking the steps to get the treatment you need now, you can reduce the
complications that may come later if you do in fact have Lyme disease. You can also
begin any medications, dietary changes, or take steps to reduce the risk of Lyme
disease if it is found that you do not have it.