Signs And Symptoms Of Swine Flu

Most of the human race is now aware of the news outbreak about Swine Flu — but are we aware of the signs and symptoms of swine flu? We already know how to prevent but the signs and symptoms is still a puzzle in our mind. Well, through this article, I will give you insights if you are now a victim of Swine Flu virus.

But before, we proceed let me introduce to you first about Swine Flu. The 3-10% of the global population estimated to affect the yearly influenza epidemics that can be a result in severe illness in 3–4 million patients and causing 200,000–400,000 deaths worldwide. Severe illness and deaths occur mainly in the high-risk populations of infants, the elderly, pregnant women and chronically ill patients in industrialized nations.

In addition to these yearly epidemics, the influenza A virus has caused three major global pandemics during the 20th century: there was the Spanish flu in 1918, the Asian flu in 1957 and in 1968–69 was the Hong Kong flu. These pandemics were caused by an Influenza A virus that had undergone major genetic changes, due to which the population did not possess significant immunity.

In pigs influenza infection produces lethargy, sneezing, fever, coughing, difficulty breathing and decreased appetite. In some cases especially the pregnant women, the infection can cause abortion. Although mortality is usually low (around 1-3%), the virus can produce weight loss and poor growth, causing economic loss to farmers. Infected pigs can lose up to 10 pounds of body weight over a 2 to 3 week period.

Main symptoms of swine flu in humans can be a direct transmission of a swine flu virus from pigs to humans is occasionally possible (called zoonotic swine flu). Under phase one, an animal outbreak of flu symptoms in your hog race backyard.

In phase two considered when the owner within the hog race backyard got infected with a flu from their animal symptoms.

Phase 3 reviewed when a child within the hog race backyard got infected together with his father, his mother and his siblings. The fourth phase, there is a cause of community-level outbreaks of human-to-human transmission of an animal or human-animal flu virus. This phase will focus to contain the spreading of the virus.

Countries will be informed asking to advice their people such as traveling to containment areas. All countries with infected with the swine flu must also consider in deploying a pandemic vaccine. (e.g. when the infected family member went out from their backyard decided to talk to his friends and unaware that he’s spreading the virus.)

Second to the last phase, when a man-infected virus either a family member or any of his friends travel to another neighboring country. You will know if there your country is in a phase 5 dominant when there is an announcement suspension of classes because of flu spread out.

This final and a pandemic phase is just like when an unaware man-infected virus travel to another continent unaware that he spread out the Swine Flu virus to another races. Now with the above mentioned signs and symptoms, you are now ready to plan and prepare immediately of the possible attacks of the Swine Flu virus. Consult to different agencies that concerns with the Swine Flu pandemics.