Tamiflu And Relenza Against Swine Flu

Newsbreak on the flash: “A new strain of Swine Flu that has killed 149 and sickened nearly two thousand in Mexico has spread to the United States and is raising fears of a possible pandemic.” Through this article you will learn more about the disease and why it is causing concern among health officials and inform the readers about the two suggested antiviral drugs by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to fight Swine Flu pandemics.

This prescription of antiviral medication that can be used to treat influenza infections between children and adults is called Tamiflu. If their symptoms have started within the last two days they are advice to start taking the Tamiflu. This antiviral medication can also be used to prevent children, teens and adults if they are exposed to the influenza virus.

Relenza (ruh-LENS-uh) is more active than the Tamiflu. This kind of medicine, aside from treatment of influenza they can also prevent the suspect to getting the flu again. While some antiviral medicines only protect against influenza A, Relenza is effective against both influenza A and B. This Relenza drug belongs to neuramidase inhibitors group of medicines. These medications target the influenza virus and prevent it from spreading inside your body.

Relenza treats the cause of influenza at its source, rather than simply treating the symptoms like the role of Tamiflu. Simulations suggest that if physicians choose a second effective antiviral such as zanamivir. Zanamivir is the generic name of Relenza as first-line treatment in even a few percent of cases, but can solve to delay the spread of resistant strains.

The available antiviral treatments for influenza, the virus is resistant to rimantadine and amantadine, but sensitive to the oseltamivir and zanamivir. Oseltamivir is the generic name Tamiflu. This strain may mutate develop resistance of oseltamivir in the future.

Tamiflu and Relenza is highly recommended by the CDC for both treatment and prevention of the new strain. The shelf life of federally stockpiled Tamiflu from the original five years to seven years because studies indicated that the medication continues to maintain its effectiveness had already extended by the United States government and Roche Applied Science. Not only that, the other members of the G8 Countries extended their contract stockpiled of Tamiflu from vaccine manufacturers.

It is highly recommended not to buy from online pharmacies without an address of these two types of medications because their stockpiled are counterfeited. Consult to the World Health Organization for information about the antiviral drugs before making any steps in your country.

Medical experts warned the public not to take the antiviral drugs if you are not ill. You only want to be safe but the worst thing is if you take any of this antiviral drugs may lead you to a virus developing drug resistance. They suggest that antiviral drug should be taken only to very sick people or an individual with low immune system.

From the undetermined source that only one out of three Americans would get Swine Flu vaccine or antiviral drugs. So, it means the vaccine manufacturers especially the manufacturers of Tamiflu and Relenza have no enough capability to do more drugs against the pandemics.

According to CDC, testing has found that the Swine Flu virus remains at risk to two common antiviral drugs, Tamiflu and Relenza.