How To Find And Check Out A Consumer Credit Counseling Agency

Are you and your family desperate for relief from your creditors? Are you receiving:

1. Bill collection notices in the mail
2. Bill collection phone calls
3. Threats of wage garnishment
4. Threats of legal action
5. Threats of car repossession
6. And the list goes on

Are you looking for a possible solution to keep you out of bankruptcy? Perhaps it’s time for you to find a consumer credit counseling agency. One that is a proven and trustworthy company that knows what they are doing.

Frankly it’s not hard to find a credit counseling service. Chances are you can pick up your local yellow pages and will find nation wide companies and local companies as well. The hardest part of it is to make sure these companies are trustworthy and reliable.

It is imperative for you to check out these companies. One of the best places to start is with your BBB (Better Business Bureau). First thing you should determine is if the counseling company is in good standing. However, if the answer is yes don’t stop there with your questions.

Take the time to dig a little bit deeper with the BBB. Ask if the credit service has or had any complaints filed against them. Then ask if any of the complaints are still outstanding and if the others have been resolved.

One of the things you will find for many of these companies is that the registered complaints may well be for the same thing. This will give you a clear indication this particular company is not trust worthy.

Another way for you to check out the consumer credit counseling agency is to check with your states Attorney General. Most states have a division of Consumer Affairs which work under the Attorney General. If complaints have been filed against a counseling service thru the AG’s office they will be a matter of public record.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, chances are you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to check out these companies. In most states you will be able to go on-line to your states government web site and find what you need. This can be especially helpful if the company you are thinking of working with is from out of state.

Speaking of the Internet it’s another great source for finding consumer credit counseling agencies. All you to do is use the Google search engine or a similar one and you will be provided with 100’s of companies. However, it pays to do your due diligence on the company before making the decision to go with them.

Frankly, your best bet is to stay local, but you may not be able to. You should make sure regardless, if the company is local or not, they have been in business for a minimum of five years or longer. If a company has been doing business in your state that long, it is good chance they are above board and reliable.

Just as in any other business dealing there are in and outs you need to know about. However, when it comes to a consumer credit counseling agency you must make sure you cross every T and dot every I.