Should You Hire a Professional Writer for the Federal Grant

The application form and the proposal are the two of the most important things that the Federal Government review before they decide whether or not to give you the federal grant. Since writing it is a time consuming process, you may have to ask if it will be better to hire a professional writer to put this down on paper.

If you do hire a professional writer, this person can sit down at once and begin writing it as long as all the information he or she needs is available. Since they are not doing other duties which is quite common in an organization, you are sure that this will be finished way before the deadline.

So they are on the same page as your organization, monitor their progress and review what they have done so far. It is common for revisions to be made several times before you see the finished product.

Since these individuals are temps, you only hire them once when they are needed. This will make it easier for you to also dismiss them if you don’t like how they are writing the grant proposal.

The only problem with hiring someone outside the organization is that they may not be familiar with the project that the organization is currently working on. That means they have to read up on it and this will take some time.

Organizations that hire a professional writer will have to pay them a certain amount of money to get the job done which means shelling out more money when this could have been used for something else.

If you decide to continue on this course, make sure that their fee is reasonable and in direct correlation with the complexities of your project. If they want a percentage based on the amount you could get, forget about them and look for someone else.

To get your money’s worth, you have to interview various applicants and see their previous work. If they have done this before and have successfully helped another organization get a grant, so much the better.

But before you do that, it will be a good idea first to see if someone within your organization can do it. If someone on staff can do the job just as good as hiring a professional, there will be no need to bring out the extra cash.

If all else fails, then this is the only time you should consider hiring someone from the outside. You can try getting help from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), American Association of Grant Professionals or the Philanthropy News Digest that has a list of qualified people based on their areas of expertise.

To get a federal grant, you have to write a proposal that is much better than what other organizations are able to present. This will be very easy if your organization has been doing this for a very long time but if the one you are working for is just starting out, don’t take chances and get help.

Don’t forget to review before sending to the federal agency you are applying as this will give you time to make some revisions if it is needed because once this goes to the mail, there is nothing you can anymore except wait.