Federal Grants And Other Economic Aids

Federal grants are money or financial assistance awarded and authorized by the United State government to different non-profit organizations. Its intention is to expand, improve the quality and strengthen the public service being rendered by these organizations, agencies and local government units. What’s clear about federal grants is that it is not used to acquire … Read more

What is a Federal Grant

Do you need money from the federal government? Well you can get it if the government decides to award the federal grant to you. But what is a federal grant? Basically it is financial assistance given from one of the 26 federal agencies. When it is given, it is suppose to carry out a public … Read more

Federal Grants Assisting Women

Federal grants have always been available for non-profit organizations and institutions to help the public improve the services the receive. Federal grants have also helped those who are in brink of a business disaster, low-income families and students, and especially the marginalized sector. Women has been and continuing to be victims of abuse and patriarchal … Read more

Who Are Eligible for Federal Grants

Who are eligible for federal grants? If you think about it, almost everyone is eligible for a federal grant as long as this is not used for personal gain. Through the years, organizations which have a vision are the ones that are awarded the much needed funding they need. On a government level, this usually … Read more

Federal Grants For Minorities

It is the government’s responsibility to provide the needs of its people regardless of its gender, ethnicity of religion. But in the present, minorities are always in a position where they would encounter difficulties in the field they are in. Freedom, however, does not erase prejudice and discrimination, it is imbibed in the culture which … Read more

Federal Grant Categories

To date, more than 1,000 federal grant programs are offered by the 26 federal agencies. These consist of 21 different categories and you should read on to find out more. Anything that has to do with crops, livestock and the land belongs under Agriculture. If it has something to do with preserving the nation’s history, … Read more

Federal Grant Program for Education

The cost of education is quite expensive which is why some are discouraged from getting a degree. But before you give, see if you can get a scholarship, a loan or even a federal grant. A federal grant for education like the Federal Pell Grant Program allows people who don’t have enough money an opportunity … Read more

Federal Grants for Teachers

In the educational system, students are not the only ones who can get federal grants. In fact, teachers can do the same thanks to the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. The College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 entitles qualified candidates to get a federal grant of up to $4,000 a … Read more

How To Apply For Federal Grants

The government has been providing a lot of money of financial assistance which can be taken advantage of through grants. The feral government has 26 Federal agencies and about 1000 grants available to different organizations every year. Grants are provided by the federal government so that different organizations would be able to continue the services … Read more

How to Apply for a Federal Grant for Housing

Do you need money? All of us do especially during the time of a recession when many don’t have work. If you can’t borrow money from the bank, why don’t you try to apply for a federal grant for housing? The federal grant for housing falls under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Housing … Read more

How to Write a Federal Grant Proposal

Winning a federal grant is not easy when people from all across the country apply for this each year. To help you out, here is how you do it. The proposal is made of many parts and when this is put together, it should be able to give the reader an idea of what you … Read more

Distinguishing the Different Forms of Federal Grants

There are two forms of federal grants around that will enable you to get money from the government. The first is the direct grant which means applying for it directly. The second is the pass through grant which your state applies for you and once it is approved, the money is sent to you. Which … Read more