Tips On Writing A Federal Grant Proposal

A federal grant is financial aid awarded by federal agencies to individuals or institution. A lot of money of government money is allotted on different grants. There are a lot of people applying for grants every year. If you think that you are qualified for a grant, then you can start applying for one.

Getting a grants is a big thing for the success of your project or program but it is also a big responsibility. Federal grants do not come for free, they have a lot of obligations like good auditing of the expenditures, budgeting, and complete program or project phasing.

If you think that you know the right federal grant where you want to apply to and capable of handling such obligations, then start creating your proposal. There are a lot of institutions, organizations and individuals out there applying for federal grants. How do you make your proposal stand out and still remain formal? Here are some tips on how to write a federal grant proposal:

• To write an effective proposal, a proposal should meet the expectations of the federal agency. To meet their expectations, it is important to have extensive research about the agency. How can you obtain the information about the federal agency? You can get it from agency reports (if possible), application guidelines, and the previous organizations or groups who have received the grant. Also, make sure to apply for a grant which is suitable for your project or program.

• Budget is also the most important part of your proposal. The federal agency checks this part of the proposal immediately. So when making the budget for the proposal make sure to itemize how much is needed for the project and the plans for the fund.

• When writing the proposal, follow the agency’s requirements and the structure or format. The language should be simple, concise and businesslike. Use educational terms.

• Remember that consistency is important when writing.

• Make sure that evidences of resources and credentials are provided. Also include testimonials and endorsements.

• Asked somebody else to proofread the proposal for you. Sometimes you tend to overlook grammatical or typographical errors, it is best to ask somebody to read and correct it for you.

A grant proposal depends of the structure and format given by the federal agency that awards the grant. But most of the times, it has seven parts:

• Introduction – describes the group asking for the grant, its background., goals and the importance of having a grant to pursue the projects.

• Problem statement – describes the goals and the intent of the project and should be supported by appropriate literature. This shows what are the problems needed to be addressed.

• Objectives – this section explains how the problem would be resolved by the issues.

• Methods – details of the activities or what constitutes the program.
• Evaluation – this part would add to the supporting documents of the effectiveness of the project.

• Budget – the expenses that the project expect to reach.

• Abstract – this is actually a quick glimpse of the project proposal.

Some other things that could be included in the proposal or features in the proposal could be the brief biography of board members and staff members. A good way to make an impression on the grant givers is by showing or demonstrating your knowledge on the issues and how the projects/programs would address the issues. Another thing, this is not where you insert your creativity, like creative boarders and other things. Just be ready to support or substantiate your claims.

Make sure that you would have enough time to complete your proposal and you would be able to meet the last day of application. Make sure that you have enough time to assemble and collect information needed for the grant proposal. Federal grant proposal writing is the last hurdle in applying for the proposal.