What is a Federal Grant

Do you need money from the federal government? Well you can get it if the government decides to award the federal grant to you.

But what is a federal grant? Basically it is financial assistance given from one of the 26 federal agencies. When it is given, it is suppose to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law of the United States.

There are two types of federal grants namely project and formula grants.

Those covered by the project grants are those aimed for the arts, education, health care, scientific research, social services and technology development.

The formula grants on the other hand are mandated by law and there are various levels for this type of grant namely categorical, block and earmark grants.

Categorical grants have a narrowly defined purpose and recipients must have the same amount of money needed to avail of this program. To get a block grant, you don’t need to produce the same amount of capital. Of the three, earmarks grants are quite controversial because lobbyists not ordinary people are the ones involved in securing it.

But how do you apply for a federal grant? To apply for it, you have to fill up an application form and then attach certain documents with it. The most important of which happens to be your proposal.

Your proposal should not only have a nice cover letter. It must have something worth reading from beginning to end.

While introductions are nice, those reviewing the proposal would like to know more based on the problems your proposal wishes to address, the objectives, how you propose to do it, how much money you will need, the length of time of the project, the measures of success and in the end, a summary of what you are proposing.

If you are able to submit a good proposal which falls under Executive Order 12372 and you are able to get the support of business and community leaders as well as elected officials, the chances of it being awarded are much higher.

Before you send out your proposal for the federal grant, write it one or two times and then have this checked by an outside party. If you are not happy with the proposal, rewrite it again because everything should be clear and concise.

When the final draft has been made, bind everything together using either clamps or hard covers. To get good points, find out from the Federal agency you are writing to which one they prefer. Send this by registered mail and just wait for a reply from the government.

Aside from the federal grant, this is also offered by private non-profit organizations such as foundations, not-for-profit corporations or charitable trusts which are all collectively referred to as charities. So don’t lose hope if your application for a federal grant was given to someone else.

You just have to go through the same process because this is the way it is done when you need funding for a special project.

The federal grant is one way for the government to give back the money that it gets from the taxpayers. If after careful review the committee sees that your project will benefit your community or even a greater number of its citizens, there is no doubt that this will be awarded to you.