How to Deal with Cash when using Internet Banking

There have to be special considerations for dealing with cash when you are using virtual internet banking. Doing online transactions is all well and good. When you want to make a manual deposit or withdraw money, though, you cannot do it directly through your computer.

Online banks have set up ways for people to get money into them. If you are going to set up an internet banking account, you might transfer money from an existing account in a traditional bank. This is a simple procedure. However, the bank will probably charge you a fee for the transfer.

What is more, you may not have a traditional bank account. You may have to open one just so that you can transfer your money into a virtual internet banking account. This seems to be a drastic measure, but some have done it nonetheless.

Lately, though, internet banking companies have made deals with companies that own ATM’s. Because of these deals, internet banking customers are allowed to make manual deposits into their teller machines. This makes it easier for people who receive a cash payment and want to put it into the bank to pay bills.

You can set up direct deposit on everything from pensions to paychecks. Sometimes, though, you get a check handed to you in person. Maybe you did an odd job for your neighbor and they insist on paying you. Maybe you sold your co-worker your old car. Perhaps, you got a check for an anniversary present.

How will you put the check into your virtual internet banking account? You can use the ATM’s mentioned earlier, if your bank makes them available. Some banks offer check collection at Mail Boxes, Etc. You can just make a deposit there. Or, you can mail your check. In any case, you will wait some time before your check credits.

If you have a traditional account as well as your virtual internet banking account, you can transfer money from your traditional account to your virtual account. This would allow you to put a check in your traditional account and then transfer the funds into your virtual account to pay bills.

Getting cash is a different story. Virtual internet banking companies do much of their business through ATM’s. You can always go to an ATM and get money out to conduct cash business. Say you want to go to a football game and you want to bring cash to buy yourself a brat and a drink.

You can get cash from your virtual internet banking establishment through an ATM. However, if your bank has not made special arrangements, you will likely pay ATM fees for the privilege of getting to your money.

The only way to counter this is if you do have that traditional bank account. You can transfer money into it from your virtual internet banking account for just such occurrences. Otherwise, you will have to pay the ATM fees.

Internet banking is not perfect. Virtual banking poses some interesting problems. Perhaps the best way to deal with them is to accept that certain transactions will take a little time, be a little inconvenient, or cost a little money in fees. It is nothing major to be concerned about.