Are the Benefits of Optimism Real?

We have all been around that one person who always seems to find the positive in every situation. These people are optimists. They tend to look at the big picture for every decision that they make and always find the good even when everything seems to be negative in their lives. It turns out that having a positive outlook during even the most difficult circumstances is one of the most important predictors of resilience in a person.

Does Venting or Letting off Steam Really Help?

It has long been thought that in order to be happier and deal with certain circumstances a person needs to express their anger and anxiety. However, research has shown that dwelling on the negative can actually lead to becoming angrier and more depressed. People who turn their form of expression into something more positive such as a goal will end up getting over their anger or depression more quickly.

One of the most effective things you can do in order to feel better is to channel your anger or depression toward a positive goal. Those individuals who are able to do this are healthier in the long run than those people are not.

Positivity is Beneficial

It turns out thinking positively actually is very beneficial. Most research points to optimistic people having happier and healthier lives and are more resilient overall. These people have learned how to turn their negative feelings into positive thoughts, thus improving their overall outlook on life in general.

The main reason optimistic people are more resilient than those who are less optimistic is because they are more emotionally complex. Optimistic people experience frustration and anxiety just like the rest of us, the difference is that they know how to fully let go of the negativity, will worry less about things, and shift their minds to the changes they can make so they can reach the positivity of the situation more quickly. In essence, a resilient person will use a larger range of emotions in order to deal with every situation they face.

The benefits of positive thinking are real and if you are a somewhat negative person there are steps that you can take in order to become more positive about life. The first thing that you will need to do is to step back from each situation and reach for the positives instead of instinctively believing the negative thoughts that enter.