Putting your own dog in an animal assisted therapy program

Maybe you have a great dog that would be a good friend to someone else. You may find that you have a special friend in your pet and you want to share the love with someone that does not have anyone or anything to lean on. Putting your dog in the animal assisted therapy program is a great idea for many pet owners and the animals as well.

There are some steps that you have to go through in order to get your animal in the animal assisted therapy program. You have to make sure that you are thinking about these steps and making sure that you are able to meet them completely with your animal. Your dog must be a minimum of one year old to be evaluated for this program. They will have to have their health vaccinations, see a vet for overall health and performance, and must be well behaved.

The dog will go through numerous tests and have to endure hours of training. They must be physically able to take on this challenge and not have any stress in their life. There are going to be tests with the dog about how they deal with others, a big crowd, angry people, other animals, a person that is in pain and many other examples. The overall performance of the dog is important and something that will be closely evaluated to even qualifies for the program.

The dog will also have to go through monitored visits in order to be considered for the animal assisted therapy. The animal will be observed in different situations and they will be very strict circumstances. The animal has to hold up well in most of these challenges to be thought of as an animal assisted therapy pet. This is going to be something that has to be taken seriously by the people that have to evaluate. It is important that nothing is missed and that the animals are very well taken care of.

Having a good personality is always important for consideration to be an animal assisted therapy pet. They have to be able to offer the patients something special and help them with the needs that they have. Having an animal in the animal assisted therapy program is a very special event and something that any dog owner or dog should be proud of. These animals are bringing great joy into people of all ages lives and it is a very special idea to think about. It can make someone feel better and give the dog the ability to use his or her great senses for the better too.