Five Natural Remedies to Have a Youthful Body and Mind

You don’t need to visit a plastic surgeon to have a youthful body as you age. Use these
natural remedies to maintain a younger appearance and a healthy mind as you get

Drink a Lot of Water Each Day

Drinking a lot of water is one of the best ways to have younger looking skin. If you drink
soft drinks or coffee, then you will urinate frequently because caffeine is a diuretic. Limit
how many alcoholic or caffeinated beverages that you drink each day to have skin that
is soft and supple. When you don’t like drinking plain water, use fruit-flavored drops or
buy flavored bottled water instead. Not only does hydration help your skin, but also, it
improves the way that your brain functions.

Use Natural Substances on Your Skin

Rather than buying overpriced skin care products, you can make your own cleansing
and moisturizing facial masks at home. You can boil water and oatmeal to create a
soothing moisturizing treatment for your face. As this mixture cools, add a small amount
of plain yogurt along with the egg white from one egg and honey. Apply this mixture to
your facial and neck skin for 15-minutes so that it dries before rinsing it off with warm
water. You will notice that the dry skin on your skin exfoliates after this treatment, and
the remaining skin is soft and smooth.

Consume Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

You should eat at least 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day to feel and
look younger. The best vegetables and fruits have brightly colored coverings and flesh
to provide antioxidants that help to eliminate the free radicals that invade your body’s
cells. When you are shopping for groceries at your local supermarket, look for
blueberries, spinach or tomatoes along with oranges, cucumbers and bell peppers.

Perform Facial Muscle Exercises

Daily exercise for your body is vitally important, but you can also improve the condition
of your facial muscles with specialized exercises. With these exercises, you can prevent
crow’s-feet around your eyes and marionette lines around your mouth. Look for online
videos that will teach you how to perform facial muscle exercises to reduce the
appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Create a Restful Bedroom

If you can’t sleep at night, then you may not have a restful bedroom. You should replace
your bed’s mattress and box springs every 10 years to have a supportive surface for
your back, hips and legs. In addition, you should buy a new pillow at least every two
years to have a supportive surface for your neck and head. Make sure to choose a
pillow that keeps you from damaging your facial skin. When you wake up each morning
with marks on your face from your pillow or pillowcase, it is time to find a different pillow.