Healthy Aging Tips for Women

As most people get older, their bodies will often go through changes. This can mean that beauty and health maintenance can require more attention and can cause some to feel less inclined to get involved with activities. As time passes, the work that you do to maintain good health can contribute massively to your quality … Read more

Vitamins and Supplements for Healthy Aging

When people are born, the body needs a certain level of nutrients to continue growing. As the years pass, the nutritional needs of a person change. During the young adult years and early 30’s, the need for nutrition doesn’t change very drastically, but as most people reach their late 40’s and 50’s, the need for … Read more

Herbs for Natural Anti-Aging

Aging can make life difficult for any of us, but even as you grow older, it’s possible to still feel confident, energetic and happy by making use of anti-aging remedies. Among these are variety of natural herbal remedies that can have wide-ranging anti-aging benefits, and these can be used to help combat many of the … Read more

Why Collagen is Essential for Anti-Aging

You may have noticed an ingredient called collagen in many skin care products, especially in products dedicated to anti-aging, but you may not know how important its role is in tissues throughout the body. Collagen is an essential protein found naturally in the human body. It is found in our skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and … Read more

How Reducing Stress Can Slow Down the Aging Process

It has been shown that chronic stress can have many negative effects on your body. One such negative effect is that it can age you much quicker. Science can back up the fact that stress can accelerate the aging process. When you are under stress that is ongoing, it begins to create a feeling of … Read more

Why Reading and Learning is Helpful for Aging

In recent decades, even as smart phones, social media, and online searches take up bigger chunks of our time, reading has been proven to be of significant benefit to people of all ages. Babies and toddlers who are introduced to books develop stronger vocabularies, cognitive abilities, and imaginations. As children go through school, bookworms tend … Read more

How to Age Gracefully

Aging is something everyone goes through, but how you age might be much different than someone else. The real trick is to do so while retaining a vigor for life. While getting older can present a new set of challenges for many people, there are some major benefits to living a lifestyle that fosters health … Read more

You Need These Fats to Fight Inflammation

You might think that fats are bad for your body, but there are several types of fats, and some varieties help to fight the inflammation that leads to aging. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance and healthy brain, then begin to eat these foods that contain the best fats. Eggs You may have … Read more

How to Delay Alzheimer’s Disease

Even though a large amount of time and money has been poured into research, science still doesn’t understand all of the mechanisms that cause or aggravate Alzheimer’s disease. That being said, there have still been major leaps made in recent years concerning Alzheimer’s, including innovative treatments and new approaches to old problems. Through this research, … Read more

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

As we get older, many of us take steps to fight aging. Activity, exercise and diet are all tools to keep our bodies healthy, but they can also help your mind stay sharp as you age. Get Uncomfortable Keeping your brain active is one key. As we get older, more of the things we know … Read more

Natural Anti-Aging with Essential Oils

Cleansers, toners, lotions and serums are all part of the beauty arsenal to combat the effects of aging on facial skin. If you are looking for a way to amp up the anti-aging power of your skin care routine, try incorporating essential oils! Essential oils are concentrated, powerful plant extracts used to enhance wellness and … Read more

Natural, Inexpensive Alternatives to Awaken Youthful Skin

As time does indeed march on, it’s inevitable that people see some visible signs of aging over time. While a combination of genetics, stress, diet, and other environmental factors play a role in how noticeably the skin ages, there are several steps one can take that will slow down the skin’s aging and reduce existing … Read more