Habits of Healthy Older Adults

How much thought do you put into your health? For some, it can be really hard to give
attention to their body. People often find it easier to fall into patterns that are too familiar
and leave life with little to no challenges that test your mettle on a daily basis. Some
older people however are living full lives. These accomplishments aren’t by accident,
and are the work of people who have good routines, but what exactly do they do, and
how do they stay motivated? Here are some common habits of healthy older adults.

You Avoid Smoking

Smoking and tobacco products accounts for a large portion of cancer cases, particularly
those in the mouth, throat and lung areas. Smoking also had a hardening effect on the
circulatory system. This is a bad thing because losing the elasticity in your arteries
means a danger of rupture, decreased healing ability, and a heightened risk of heart
disease. Another risk is that during a cardiac event, damaged arteries decrease chance
of survival due to the brittle nature of the arteries.

You Have an Exercise Routine

How often do you get out and walk? Studies have shown a noticeable increase in health
of organs or those who are more physically active. Walking, even standing up frequently
through the day can increase health. Active bodies have better circulation, which means
that you will decrease your risk of stroke and other life-threatening events. Researchers
have recommended a minimum of 2 and a half hours of exercise per week to maintain
physical health.

You Have an Active Social Life

When you have friends and loved ones around, it’s a lot easier to be involved in all sorts
of fun, engaging activities. Taking trips to the mall or the grocery store become fun
events that add quality to life. Being around people and having physical contact also
helps to lower stress, which helps preserve health.

You Eat Healthy Natural Food

Diet makes up a large portion of the factors that involve health. For the best health, it’s
important to have a lot of natural foods to eat. Today, natural is becoming a more
relative term, but what this really means is that you aren’t eating as much processed or
prepackaged foods that have heavy chemical preservatives and the like. Stick to lots of
deep colored veggies, and you’ll gain a lot of collagen forming nutrients that help your
skin to look full and youthful.