Lazy Meals That Are Clean

You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen or have hours every day just to make clean,
healthy meals. The following meal ideas are extremely easy to put together, can be
prepped beforehand, and are simple even for the laziest of cooks.

Rotisserie Chicken and Frozen Veggies

This could not possibly get any easier to do. If you don’t know much about cooking, or
simply don’t have the time and energy for it, don’t cook! All you need to do is get a
cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, making sure the chicken was not
made with hormones or additives. Combine the chicken with your choice of frozen
veggies that you can cook in the microwave, and you’re good to go. You can pop those
veggies in the microwave while you are pulling the chicken apart, and you have a
healthy meal. Add in a little quinoa or brown rice for more carbs, which you can easily
make in a rice cooker.

Pre-Made Smoothie Packs

Even the laziest cook can put a smoothie together! Stop going to your local Jamba
Juice and getting a smoothie riddled with unnecessary sugars that is topping hundreds
of calories. You can make a light and simple one right at home. All you need is some
frozen fruit, a milk of choice, and yogurt. You can even put together your own smoothie
packs with different combinations, then in the morning all you do is grab one, toss it in
the blender, add your yogurt and milk, and blend it up. Breakfast is done in less than 5

Use Canned Veggies for Salad

This might not seem like the healthiest choice, but it can actually work really great if you
choose the right foods. There are quite a few salads you can put together using canned
vegetables and a few other ingredients without going through too much work. The trick
here is to check the ingredients on the can of veggies to make sure it has no added
sugars or preservatives. If so, then when you open the can, just rinse it well and drain it
to remove extra salt from the veggies. You can use some quinoa you made previously
or you pop into the rice cooker, then mix in your favorite veggies like chickpeas, black
beans, and corn, all of which you can find in the can. Mix it all together with some
greens and add a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and you’re good to go.