How to Get Coconut Oil to Not Harden

Coconut oil can be used for many different things, from cooking with it as a healthier cooking oil option, to using it on your hair. However, the oil itself does not come in a liquid like olive oil or canola oil. Instead, it is a thick substance that first needs to be softened. However, there are some ways to keep it from hardening completely.

Combine it With Other Oils

As you probably know, other types of oil remains as a liquid. You can combine your coconut oil with these other oils, keep it stored in a bottle or container, and keep it as a liquid. This does require using the other ingredients along with your coconut oil, but they can all be beneficial for you. A good option is to combine it with olive oil, making sure it is 1 part coconut oil and 1 part olive oil. This is safe for your skin and very soft and moisturizing. You can also try adding in some essential oils and kosher salt to turn it into a scrub that will never harden completely.

Leave it in a Hot Environment

Another good way you can keep your coconut oil from hardening if you want to keep it more of a liquid consistency is by storing it in a hot environment. Unlike cooking oils like vegetable oil or olive oil, you don’t actually have to keep the coconut oil stored in a cold, dry climate to keep it from spoiling. Coconut oil can handle different environments, it just might not remain fresh for quite as long. If you tend to need the coconut oil as liquid most of the time and don’t want to worry about actually warming it up, then keep it in an area of your home that is warmer, or even near a window where the sun will shine down on the container.

Warm the Coconut Oil Quickly

Warming coconut oil is actually really simple to do and doesn’t require even using a microwave, which is not recommended. If you are not able to keep the coconut oil in a way that keeps it a liquid, then you can simply rub the small container between your hands. Keep rubbing it until it starts to soften. Another method is to use a double boiler, with water in the bottom pan, then the container of coconut oil in the top. This also takes just a few minutes.