Get Stronger Nails With Coconut Oil

Among the many other uses, coconut oil is a miracle for your nails. By introducing this magical oil to your nail routine on a regular basis, your nails will be strong and no longer brittle, plus your cuticles will have never looked better. Strengthen Your Nails This first way to use coconut oil on your … Read more

Grow Long, Luxurious Hair With Coconut Oil

If you are looking to grow out your hair, you might want to think past just waiting or trying to take supplements. While following a healthy diet can certainly help, something else that has shown to be effective in many people is using coconut oil. Here are some different ways to use coconut oil in … Read more

Smooth Out Wrinkles and Stretch Marks With Coconut Oil

Are you struggling with age-related wrinkles on your face or stretch marks after having a baby? If so, you might want to use coconut oil to help clear up those fine lines and wrinkles. While it might not get rid of them completely, it has shown to be very effective with continued use. Use Coconut … Read more

Try These 3 Coconut Oil Lotion Bar Recipes

As you probably know, coconut oil is really great for your skin, helping to soften it and brighten up your skin tone. However, just using coconut oil can be a little inconvenient when you need to warm it up first, then a little messy when applying it. Another option is to make lotion bars from … Read more

Use Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

If your makeup counter is full of products that don’t have the most natural of ingredients, you may be looking for a way to have something a little better for your skin. One change you can make is by ditching the store-bought makeup remover wipes or pads, and using coconut oil instead. This is completely … Read more

Ways to Use Coconut in Your Hair

Coconut oil provides a lot of different benefits, from helping with digestion to brightening up your skin. It also happens to be wonderful for your hair. The following tips are going to give you some different ways you can use coconut oil in your hair. Use it as a Conditioner This is one of the … Read more

Coconut Oil Face Mask Recipes

If you want to have softer and smoother skin without using harsh ingredients found in store-bought products, coconut oil is the perfect alternative. Here are some different recipes for making your very own coconut oil face mask. Coconut and Honey This is a classic combination and two ingredients often used together with DIY face products. … Read more

Coconut Oil is Great For Oral health

While you should keep brushing your teeth and seeing your dentist for regular check-ups, it is also good to look for natural remedies to help with oral health. Your oral health is very important and should not be overlooked. Here are some different ways to use coconut oil for oral health. Use it For Oil … Read more

Coconut Oil Shaving Cream Recipes

One of the more surprising ways coconut oil can be used for personal use is by turning it into a shaving cream. This works great because the coconut oil will leave your skin feeling soft without redness after shaving, and is easy to combine with other simple ingredients. Here are some ways to create a … Read more

Freshen Your Underarms With Coconut

Are you looking for a better way to improve your underarm odor than harsh chemicals from store-bought deodorant? If so, you might want to give coconut oil a try. Take a look at these different ways to create a coconut oil deodorant bar that is completely natural and safe to use. Create a Coconut and … Read more