Common Mistakes Made When Using Crystals

Whether you are brand new to using crystals or wondering if you are on the right track,
it helps to know the common mistakes often made. You might be making some of these
mistakes without realizing you are reducing the effectiveness of your crystals.

Not Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

Crystals are powerful and can absorb the energies around them, but this can also be a
bad thing if you are not cleansing the energy and recharging them. You want to not only
do this when you first acquire new crystals to get rid of other people’s energies, but also
as you use them in your own practice.

How often should they be charged? It depends how often they are used and if other
people touch them, but typically at every full moon is a good reminder. You also need to
charge them if someone else has touched them or if your own energy or manifestations
have changed.

Using the Same Crystal for Everything

We get it – you found a crystal you absolutely love and can just feel the energy and
power radiating from it. The problem is, if you use that crystal for all your practices, with
all the different energies, it is going to get blocked and will need cleansing and charging
much more often.

A better idea is to program and designate crystals for specific purposes. One crystal
used for tarot reading to help open your third eye, and another crystal placed in front of
you for your manifestation rituals. People often make the mistake of over-using a crystal
and not setting proper intentions for it.

Keeping Your Crystals Hidden Away

While it is good to keep crystals in a safe place, you don’t want them to collect dust and
deplete them of their energy. It is a good idea to display some of your crystals in
different areas of your home after they have been properly charged with your intentions.
Not all of them need to be out, as you do want to be careful to avoid damage. But just
think about having them in different areas of your home, like on your nightstand to help
you sleep, in your kitchen, maybe one in your purse or at work.

Leaving Them Out in Direct Sunlight

While it is okay to leave crystals out for a little while in the sunlight, they should not get
constant direct sunlight. Exposure to the UV rays over an extended period of time can
damage your crystals, causing th colors to fade and might deplete them of their energy.
If you want to keep them out after a full moon charge, only do so for one day, then bring
them inside.