Great Health Drinks You Can Consume

We have to take care of our bodies. To do that, we can exercise, eat a good diet and also consume some health drinks. Just like food, such refreshments have to be prepared and here a twp that you can try out at home.

The first is green tea. Studies have shown that tea is healthier than coffee because it can help regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure, prevent certain cancers, fight plaque on your teeth, lower your cholesterol and slow down the aging process.

To make green tea, you will need one tea bag and then put this either in the kettle filled with warm water or straight to the cup. After letting it stand for about 3 minutes or so, you can already drink it. If you want to add flavor to your tea, you can try adding sugar, honey and even a lemon wedge.

The next drink is the fruit smoothie. The mixture itself is similar to making milkshake but instead of the added calories, this is replaced with vitamins and nutrients. To do that, you have to buy some fruit, low fat yogurt, some crushed ice and water. All the ingredients are then mixed in the blended and when it is ready, this is poured into a tall glass.

Aside from those you can make, there are those that can be poured straight from the container. These health drinks are your basic fruit juices and you can find these in different variations such as apple juice, grape juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and a lot more.

Although these health drinks have certain benefits, you have to remember that these products are highly processed which means these are high in sugar. These will surely cause your blood sugar to go up and drinking too much of these may cause damage to your heart and kidney over time.

There are also health drinks from vegetables which are better known as functional beverages. These are great to have since many of us don’t eat a salad daily. The only problem is that you get essential nutrients from various vegetables so you have to buy different products and take it alternately.

The newest health drink is called the cell renewal formula because it is a combination of fruit and vegetable extracts mixed with herbs and other plant compounds. There are only a few of these products so far in the market and a few of these don’t taste that good so it takes time for someone to get used to it.

Among all the different health drinks available, the one thing that is not included in this group is the energy drinks. If you read the ingredients on the label, these consists of artificial sweeteners, caffeine or ephedra and in some cases a combination of all three.

You have probably drank a few of these in the past and although they taste good, the reality is that it may replenish your electrolytes after a workout but it does not have give you any vitamins and nutrients which are good for your health. This does not mean you should give up drinking energy drinks but consume it in moderation.

There is no doubt that health drinks are good for you otherwise doctors and other health experts will not recommend them. You can make this yourself or buy these from the store but before you bringing it to the checkout counter, take time to read what is written on the product label.