Hoodia Max: Real or Cheap Imitation?

A new diet has taken the American market by storm. Ever since it came out in 2004, many brands have surfaced all over the internet. Hoodia diet pill is the new weight loss supplement that has been talked about by dieters across America. Hoodia Max is one of the brands that are marketed online for dieters. Unfortunately due to the popularity of this weight loss supplement several cheap imitations and fake ones circulate around the internet. How do we know which brand really works?

What is this new diet anyway?

This new diet was made from a plant which can be found in South Africa. It grows in the Kalahari dessert. Hoodia gordonii is a succulent plant which is not related to the cactus contrary to popular belief. It works by naturally suppressing an individual’s appetite. It has been featured in several shows including Oprah, BBC, The Today Show and 60 minutes.

The diet pills work by releasing a chemical component stronger than glucose. It works on the satiety center of the brain which is located in the hypothalamus. When the pill takes effect the hypothalamus signals the brain that it has consumed enough food. When the dieter takes the pill he or she will feel full even though there’s little or no food taken at all.

This way the dieter’s appetite is suppressed and cravings are controlled. It’s convenient for dieters who have no time to prepare portions sized meals. They don’t also have to follow a strict regiment which more often leads to food binges. Unlike other supplements it’s not chemically formulated. Its main source is a plant which makes it 100% natural and safe. It does not contain ephedra and ephedrine which has unpleasant side effects.

By taking the original diet pill it will work with proper maintenance. Dieters also have to remember that the pill can mask the fact that you are starving yourself so it should be taken as appropriate.

Does Hoodia Max work?

Any brand will work the way it’s made to if its 100% genuine. There are hundreds of diet pills out there and many more fake counterparts. Advertisements online can be misleading and most often they are just all hype. Hoodia diet has become popular ever since it was introduced to the American public, so there’s no wonder that there’s always fake lingering somewhere.

Hoodia Max is manufactured by supplement spot. To be able know if the manufacturer is selling an original product is the presence of a C.T.I.E.S certificate. Unfortunately the supplier of this brand does not have this certificate. This certificate is required by companies that export Hoodia Gordonii from the African Western Cape Conservation in South Africa. They also don’t have analytical reports or lab tests to prove that their product is genuine.

The other thing about the brand is that it’s cheap. The authentic Hoodia diet pills are actually expensive. They usually cost about $60 per bottle while Hoodia Max is selling for $40. Due to this, we cannot be sure of the brands authenticity. Many dieters have loss a lot of money because of falling into a cheap trap set up by fake manufacturers.

Before buying any product with this brand make your own research first. Over the internet anyone can claim that they have found the miracle drug. Anyone can claim that their product is 100% authentic too.