Top Reasons Why You should not Quit Mountain Biking

Not because you hit a wall or crashed 20 feet down the cliff, it doesn’t mean that you can hang your bike in the garage and watch television all day. Mountain biking, in the first place, should be fun. And some accidents, while often humiliating or painful, are just part of the sport. You probably have several personal reasons to quit. Instead of entertaining these negative thoughts, why not ask yourself, why should I not quit? Here’s why…

Because some jerks expect you to quit
Your neighbors or probably even your friend will just roll their eyes if you tell them you have started mountain biking. They might say, “You are just wasting your time because you will quit anyway.” If stirring skepticism is all that you create, why not put it in a positive way. Whenever you feel like quitting, remember all these people who do not believe that you can stay on your bike. Prove them wrong.

It makes you feel good about yourself
You might have seen some changes in your body after just weeks of regular mountain biking. What more if you maintain it for several months?

When you ride, you burn lots of calories that should have turned into fat if you did not decide to get moving. Riding helps you keep in shape. And if you are in shape, you start to feel good about yourself, which can be reflected to the way you act, communicate and relate with others.

Also, you are often judged as a person through physical appearance. If you look good, many will think of you as trustworthy and smart. If you are fat, you may be labeled as dumb, lazy and untrustworthy. This is not morally right but it is true; and many studies have testified to it.

It makes you feel better when you bump to an old friend
Isn’t it nice to bump to an old friend from high school looking chiseled and fit? Isn’t it great to attend a reunion and become the center of talk because you have lost a lot of weight? Losing weight may be the reason why you started mountain biking, looking good is a bonus.

Mountain biking is fun
Fun can be defined in many ways. Being able to improve your endurance, breathe fresh air, challenge yourself, learn new skill, see new places, meet new people and stay in shape are some of those. Mountain biking allows you to enjoy them all at the same time.

The beach season
Can you still remember the last time you have taken your shirt off and put on a swimwear? Or, have you done it? Confidently? If you love the beach or planning to go to the beach this summer, wouldn’t it be nice if you can show off how good your body looks? Mountain biking, although it may not be able to give you those big muscles, will certainly keep those fats off and help achieve a trimmed body.

The opposite sex
For some strange reasons, human beings still posses some attitudes of animals even if we claim that we are the superior kind. We still have the idea that if we look good and look strong, we attract the opposite sex. But is it true. Good looking people get more attention; and you have to admit that you want to belong in this small, lucky group.