Fruit and Herb Infused Water for the Fall

When the fall season arrives, it is common to feel more festive and engaged in the
holiday cheer. This season is full of great colors and flavors that can warm the chilliest
of days. That is one reason why seasonal drinks are so popular, but have you ever
come across any recipes for festive infused drinks? This article is going to exploring
some ideas for festive fruit and herb infused drinks that you can enjoy in the fall.

Cranberries and Rosemary

This drink will be very reminiscent of great holiday dishes. Rosemary is also full of
amazing essential oils that have their own benefits. It is also heavily anti-inflammatory.
When you pick your piece of Rosemary, be sure that it is very fresh. Place it in the water
so it is completely covered. Add a handful of cranberries and let it sit overnight. The
next day you’ll have a great festive drink. You can also add basil for a richer more
fragrant flavor.

Peppermint Strawberry

Who doesn’t love candy canes? Some fresh peppermint with strawberry can put you in
that holiday mood quickly, and the benefits of having peppermint can be far reaching,
especially when it comes to its stomach soothing abilities. It is also very handy at
fighting various forms of gastrointestinal inflammation, which makes it a great treatment
for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gastric inflammatory conditions. Place a shot of
peppermint into a large container. You can cut or leave the strawberries whole. Let it sit
for at least 3 hours and serve.

Cherry Mint

Cherries have a potent and tart taste. One amazing thing about cherries is that they are
great in helping with inflammation of the joints. This makes them a good way to help
with arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. The mint in the drink can also help with
promoting digestion. Simply break off a fresh piece of mint and place it in the water.
Place a handful of cherries in the water and let it sit overnight.

Apple Cinnamon

This might be the most festive drink on this list. With apples and cinnamon being such a
huge ingredient in holiday pies, hardly anyone would fail to be reminded of apple pies
and other desserts. Apples are a great source of vitamins, and you can add them by
cutting them into many thin slices and placing them into the water. Once that is done,
you can either place an entire cinnamon stick in the water, or sprinkle some cinnamon
into the drink directly.