Low-Carb Friendly Infused Water Ideas

If you’ve been trying to cut back on the carbs, and it’s essential that you be as extremely strict with your intake, it can be very difficult to stick to a low carb program. This is because nearly everything that is available to drink contains some measure of carbs, or a ridiculous amount of sugar. … Read more

Simple Infused Water Recipes to Start With

Infused water can be a really awesome and fun way to get a few nutrients. Another great thing about it, is that your body will love it because actual water is way more hydrating than any of the drinks that are marketed and being great for hydration. One thing you might be wondering though, is … Read more

Simple Veggie and Fruit Infused Water Combinations

If you’re familiar with infused water somewhat, you’ve likely seen quite a few combinations of fruit that you can use to create tasty and refreshing drinks for your own year-round enjoyment, but did you know that there are some recipes that can get you some of the amazing benefits of vegetables as well? This article … Read more

The 3-Step Process to Making Infused Water

If you’ve been looking for a healthy drink that you can have anytime of the day that makes you feel healthy and refreshed, then infused water is probably a great option for you. This great drink is the choice of many healthy people who want to be able to enjoy a glass of something that … Read more

Why Everyone Should Drink Infused Water

As people turn away from the sugar-filled drinks aimed at both adults and children, people everywhere are beginning to look for alternatives to these overly sweet soft drinks. For some, juice can be extremely expensive, especially if they are looking for fresh juices that can take the place of soda and the high fructose corn … Read more

Fruit and Herb Infused Water for the Fall

When the fall season arrives, it is common to feel more festive and engaged in the holiday cheer. This season is full of great colors and flavors that can warm the chilliest of days. That is one reason why seasonal drinks are so popular, but have you ever come across any recipes for festive infused … Read more

Herb-Infused Detox Water Recipes

Herbs are well known for their ability to medicate and heal the human body. For thousands of years, humans have used these simple plants to increase their quality of life, and to treat various diseases, and many of them happen to have a pleasing flavor! Infused water has made a big comeback as a way … Read more

How to Make Fruit-Infused Ice Cubes

Infused water is a great way to get fast healthy hydration with just a bit of vitamins and minerals. Moms who want to keep healthy drinks in the home for their kids have turned to infused water as a substitute for the store-bought drinks or years, but what else can you do with infused water? … Read more

Infused Water Recipes Featuring Tropical Fruit

If you’ve already heard about infused water, then you already know that it’s been a recent go-to for people who are looking for a healthy refreshing drink. By now you’ve probably seen a few recipes that use herbs, spices, apples, berries, and other common fruit, but what about something a little more off the beaten … Read more

Infused Water Recipes for Your Cocktails

The secret to any truly great mixed drink is almost always due to the kind of thing that you’re mixing with your alcohol of choice. It can be hard to make a healthy choice though when you’re looking for this magical additive. Some people might want to have something that’s a lot lower in sugar … Read more